Sunday 1 September 2013

Don't you remember?

I was sat in the restaurant watching all the kids run around. Their excited and enjoying themselves, chasing each other around and play fighting. Leo is chasing his cousin around and then running away as he turns on his heels to chase him. They disappear under the table, and I count my lucky stars that they are no longer at risk of tripping the waitress over as they dart around.

Leo spent much of his holiday over excited, when the occasion called for it and he got a little too over excited he was told, and he was sat down. He always had us keeping a watchful eye on him, we knew he was safe and we knew exactly what he was up to at all times. But he is at an age where he is wanting to push his boundaries that little bit more, he wants to play with other children and is going that little bit further a field as he gains more confidence in being further away from his parents.

I know that Leo is cheeky and mischievous, he deliberately pushes buttons to see what reaction he will get. He also has a very good idea about things that he definitely shouldn't be doing, he looks for approval in everything his does these days, and sometimes a simple look is suffice enough to let him now what isn't acceptable. 

What makes me laugh is that some parent's completely forget that their older children were once exactly like my two year old. They forget that once upon a time it was their little boy running around, they forget everything now that their little boy is that bit older.  They forget these things by commenting on Leo, saying in conversation that 'He was never like Leo, he didn't do any of these things' basically insinuating that he sat perfectly still and certainly didn't get as excited as Leo does... you are really saying that Leo is a bit of a live wire, that he is naughty.

I look around the table trying to read the rest of their faces. I have a far different recollection of events that took place when this same little boy was younger. The same well behaved little boy scribbling on arms of the chair in felt tip pen, running around and play fighting, taking things a little too far and giving his Uncle a bloody nose... And getting away with it in each instance. In just this week alone he has been part of the reason that Leo has even got down from the table in the first place, lead him away to play just after his dinner has arrived. I can see that others are thinking along the same lines as me but I let the comment wash over me, it really wasn't worth rocking the boat.

I think as time goes by it is easy to forget these things, I know that Leo is excitable but the difference is I am there in every instance. I see everything that happens, I tell him no. Maybe she really doesn't remember? Maybe it made her feel better to insinuate that Leo is at the centre of mischief? 

Regardless... I think it is important to remember. I know I will. I know that Leo has ants in his pants, I know that I have lost count of how many people I have apolagised too as Leo accidentally runs over their feet as he whizzes past in a blur. I know that Leo keeps me firmly on my toes and that he will decide to play as soon as dinner arrives in a restaurant...

But I remember.
It's important to remember, especially before passing judgement.

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