Tuesday 31 January 2012

A duck feeding we will go...

With the arrival of Leo's new Quinny Zapp Xtra, we have been taking it for many a test drive on our walks around the area (In a bid for me to get comfortably back into my size 8's! Yes I am still TRYING to keep my New Year Resolution!)

We are very fond of our new Quinny (But that is another story...A review I will write up at a later date!) and I was wondering what Leo and I could do together while being out and about.

We happen to live a 15 minute walk up the road from the local town and the River Avon. What better way to spend a day, than to take a leisurely stroll into town for a Costa Coffee...and then taking the now 7 month old to feed the ducks for the first time!?

So that was our plan. On Saturday while Daddy was at work, Leo and I did just that. I was not sure how Leo would react...if at all he did react? Was he not to young to take any of the detail in?

Any doubts I had about him enjoying feeding the ducks were gone when he broke into a wide eyed smile and took in every detail. He loved the whole experience.

I had bought a loaf of bread so we could feed the ducks, and of course Leo took the opportunity to stuff the bread into his mouth, learning to share..or steal from the ducks.. Leo was excitedly kicking his legs and watching the Geese walk ever closer to us. My main worry was that the Geese may get a little to close and we would have to make a run for it!

The worries I had about the Geese increased when one took a snap for the other and ended up with many a feathers in it's beak! So I was edging further back...Yes I admit it...I was a bit of a nervous wreck.

It was a sunny but bitterly cold Saturday so I had to make sure that Leo was wrapped up nice and warm while we were by the river. I am so glad that I did take Leo to do this as it was something we both enjoyed doing together, and he has definitely proved my wrong...he is not too young to enjoy doing things like this.

I am most certainly going to be taking Leo to feed the ducks on a weekly basis. It gets us both out of the house and spending some quality Mummy/baby time together and of course...there is nothing wrong with fresh air!

We just have to get Daddy to come along next time!

It is safe to say that I am completely and utterly exhausted from all my walking, I seem to have abandoned my car on the pretence that I would rather walk...EVERYWHERE. I am quite impressed with myself, that and I am enjoying the Quinny. :-)

How have you all been and what was your first experience of feeding the ducks with your little ones?

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