Saturday 7 January 2012

Me, Myself and I

I think all Mummy's will join me when I say, it is just lovely to spend some quality time with just Me, Myself and I. I used to be very well acquainted with these once very close friends of mine, we would spend hours just doing things!

I had no one dependant on me you see...well apart from Luke...but he can look after himself to a certain extent. I just have to make sure he is being entertained with his kit bikes, his MK1 VW Caddy...or the gym and he pretty much takes care of himself.

These days it is so hard to just spend any time on my own. Don't get me wrong, I love every moment with Leo but I try to time bedtime so I can have just one hour to myself while Luke is at the gym. This very rarely works out. I just have to blink and the time is gone, and I have spent the whole time getting Leo down and doing Mummy jobs.

Me, Myself and I have become strangers, by the time I have got Leo and every job on my list completed, Luke is home and any chance of time on my own has gone up in smoke.**POOF**
The other night I implemented bed time early, in the hope that Leo would be down for 7:30pm and there would be an opportunity to do...Nothing! Bliss!
Leo of course had a completely different agenda. Consisting of taking 40 minutes to drink 2oz's of an 8oz bottle. Deciding then he had a second wind and started to beam gummy smiles through his bottle and giggling like he knew I would succumb.

Of course I am a sucker, I love those moods where he is being playful and mischievous. I waved an evening with myself off there and then and proceeded to take him downstairs, I knew he would not go down until he was ready, and boy...he let me know he was not ready.

To be honest, I am glad he woke up and I shared that time with him. Leo as you know has been rolling from back to front since he was 20 weeks old. He has on occasion been known to roll tummy to back, but I have been waiting for him to perfect the 'Continuous Roll'.
That night he did just that, he rolled for a toy and then proceeded to roll again, and again. With these next two enthusiastic rolls he successfully took out two vases of flowers, full of water. I through, fits of giggles moved him away from the scene of the crime, so he decided there and then to roll into Granddad's shoes for a little munch...oh my son.

Leo had a lovely evening, and before I knew it, an hour had elapsed and it was coming up to 9pm. My 'Early bedtime' implementation had obviously failed and my next impossible mission was to get him to bed. AGAIN.
You may be thinking that I should have a more strict regime, and maybe I should have stuck to my original plan and not brought him back down stairs and essentially wound him back up all over again.

Mistake or not he did go down just after 9 with no fights and no giggles. He was happy, and I was happy to have spent a lovely evening with my gorgeous baby boy.

I think every Mummy needs an hour to herself in the evening, but sometimes that hour can be spent valuably with that little person in your life. Me, Myself and I will have to wait but I would not change that hour with my little man, nor do I believe I need a stricter regime. What we do works for all of us and while we are both happy, I will continue to put my best foot forward.

Leo has his dinner at around 5pm each evening, and when he is substantially messy enough, food smushed up his nose and in his hair, I make the call and take him for his bath. He thoroughly enjoys his baths, he will splash and whale kick until the cows come home. After he is all kicked out it is time to get into his babygrow, this takes us to about 6pm, and he can use this time to play and have quiet time with me before having his bedtime bottle and going to bed for 8pm.

He will wake up once in the night for around 15 minutes, in that time he will have a 5oz bottle and then he will sleep through until 9:30/10:00am if I let him. So I am not sleep deprived and we seem to have our own special understanding. This makes me wonder about other peoples bed time routines and how they accomplish such a mission each night.

So what are your bed time routines and how do to you implement them? Do you get that coveted hour in the evening to yourself, and how?

Last night I was lucky enough to get that one hour to myself. Some how Leo was down and asleep by 7:30, and I began to write this post. Before I knew it, that time was over and Luke was home....and this post was left in-complete. I write this now while Leo is asleep in his push chair and Luke is off fixing up both the car's tyre pressures (A job that is beyond me completely).

So I may not always get this time in the evening, but at some points in the day it is still just Me, Myself and I, but I would not change my little family for the world.

To top off my half hours peace, my ring also made an appearance this afternoon. In a Tesco bag no less. So I am now re-juvenated and also wearing my bling pride of place on my finger.

Enjoy your weekends everyone!

Laura x


  1. Laura this is a beautiful post my love and Leo is getting more cute by the day ! You're so right to cherish your moments with Leo , before you blink he'll be less dependent and then you'll have your much needed you time x x x

  2. Thanks Bryony. He really is growing up! I don't know where the time is going. I just want to hit pause and keep him like this, but then I think of everything he will soon be able to do and get excited! Xxx


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