Tuesday 31 January 2012

Paid My Dues

I am a firm believer in karma, what comes around goes around. I am one of those people who never seems to catch a break and is always a by-stander...watching everyone else's dreams come true. When out driving in the car I seem to come across every Red traffic light. In fact they seem to purposely change upon my approach, like their main aim is to catch me out.

I have had some rather BIG exciting news and it seems that those traffic lights have been put in their place and will only be turning green from now on. I cannot go into detail but it seems that my dues have been paid. My big break has arrived and we are in good stead for our house hunting. The aim is to save hard and in the next couple of years, break out on our own.

I am still waiting for this news to sink in, and I am pinching myself hard to see if I wake up. My little family are on cloud 9 and when I return to work later this year we will be pushing forward with our future.

It is safe to say that we are all very happy, and our family unit will one day in the next few years, be HOME OWNERS!!!

We now just have to save very hard, find our perfect property and make it our own! Tonight we are having a celebratory Thai takeaway, so I am off to pour myself a very large glass of Pino Grigio...hehe..

Wish us luck!

Laura xx


  1. Mwah xxxx I love happy news and will be keeping everything crossed for you and your little family :) Lots of love & luck xxxx

  2. Hey Bryony!

    Thank you so much :-) I am rather excited about eveything in store for us in the future :-))

    I hope you are feeling great! I saw that you had bought your new bras hehe. I need to come catch up on your blog still! Leo is being a monster and is banging away with his feet in the cot! So I am still on mummy duty!



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