Friday 6 January 2012

What a Topsy Turvey Day

So my day today is not shaping out as planned, first thing this morning I received a letter from the bank.
A letter informing me that due to a security issue on my card I have to call them A.S.A.P. I had a feeling there may be a problem yesterday, when I was trying to purchase songs off iTunes, and to my horror, my card was being declined.
So this morning I pick up the phone and dial the numbers, hoping to resolve everything and finally get my new tunes. After a short interlude on hold and a quiz on my password details. I am informed that the reasons behind me not being able to use my card are....because they have cancelled it.
Yes...cancelled. I guess I should be counting my lucky stars really, they were forced to cancel the card due to insights their end that my card has been copied and could potentially be used!
I don't know who these fraudsters think they are robbing...they would be very sad to see the current state of affairs in my account. Being on maternity leave does not make me 'In the money' to put it matter of factly. HSBC have been very efficient on this occasion, my card is no longer valid and a new debit card should be with me by next week. Being cut off is actually a god send, as now my money is safe and secure...even from me.
Now this is where I am really in the dog house....For my 21st birthday, Luke got me a fantastic white gold rig, with 4 diamonds encrusted. I absolutely love this ring.
Today I realised it was no longer on my finger. It was gone.

I cannot even begin to tell you when it made it's departure and jumped off my finger. All I know is I have re-traced each and every step I can think of...I have even made a special effort to put the mountain of washing I did yesterday away in the wardrobe in the hope that it fell in there.
It didn't.
My only other thoughts are, that it is going round and round in the washing machine now...or maybe it has somehow fallen into Leo's nappy' which case it is in the bin...
I guess my afternoon is going to consist of bin diving....and then if I do not locate it, explaining to Luke, that my beloved ring has gone.
How has everyones day gone so far? Any advice on where it could possibly be, that I maybe haven't looked? Or how I break the news to Luke?
The ring was similar to the ones below....

Laura xx

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