Monday 9 January 2012

I want my Mummy...

Since Leo turned 6 months old, he has been on mission GO.
He seems to be going through a 'Mummy' phase currently, which is just lovely for me, but I cannot help wondering about Luke and how it makes him feel. Obviously it is perfectly normal for a baby to want his Mummy, and it is very rewarding when Leo reaches his arms out for me to come and get him from whoever may be holding him.

Yesterday we paid a visit to Luke's Mum's, Leo's Nanny took him away for a cuddle and for the first couple of minutes he was fine, all smiles and no problems. Then he looked straight at me and his bottom lip started to drop, his arms stretched out and he wanted to come back to his Mummy. His Nanny quickly brought him back and placed him in my arms, as she had observed Leo was quickly becoming a Mummy's boy. As soon as I had my baby boy closed tightly in my Mummy huggle...Leo was silent and contented once again.

I am determined to enjoy all the attention Leo throws at me, as I know there will come a day where all he is going to want is his Daddy, and Mummy wont be good enough to do things that only the 'boys' can do together. I know Luke is looking forward to the day where Leo can join him on the Kit Bikes and when they can go on boys only camp nights. For me though...When this time comes, I am going to miss my little baby that just wanted his Mummy.
I was shocked when I realised Leo was reaching out, I did not think this development would come for a few more months. Luke is in awe when he walks in from work and Leo lunges forward to get into his arms. When bedtime comes around, this is our time and only Mummy will do. I hope this lasts for many years to come.

Leo's sitting is getting more steady and he is starting to roll more and more, when did my little baby stop being my little baby? When did he turn into a 6 month, 18lbs 6oz little monster? I seem to have blinked and the time has just swept past me so quickly.

It is now only 6 months until I return to my 9-5 job, and the thought fills me with dread. How can I even consider leaving Leo? Yes he will be 12 months by the time of my return, but I can't help feeling I am going to miss out on so much being a working mum. I love my role as stay at home Mummy, but that role is going to time out. Some how I am going to have to split my time between two roles, when really...I just want to be with my little lion.

I would love to know how you working Mum's managed to tear yourselves away from your maternity leave and your baby? I would love some advice.

When did your little munch kin's start reaching for you?
Laura xx

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