Thursday 19 January 2012

Clap, Clap, Clap Your Hands!

My little lion cub has learnt another new trick this week. He has put his paws together and out of nowhere learnt to clap his little hands.

I should say he started last weekend, but me being cynical and maybe a little hard to please? Put it straight down to fluke. However Leo does not seem to take this way of thinking too lightly. Leo has made it very apparent that....he can clap his hands, and he is doing it to prove Mummy wrong!

It is very easy for me to pin point where this way of thinking stems from. I myself think this way and as soon as someone can't do this and you can't do that. I do it! It seems that he is Daddy's little mini me...but he shares my fighting spirit!

Here is my clever little boy clapping his hands!

This morning Leo caught his very first episode of 'Waybuloo' personally...I am not a big kid's television fanatic and I only put it on to see his initial reaction. Leo was fixated and seemed to like the whole set up. He began to clap his hands in excitement :-)

When did your babies start clapping their hands intentionally?

Am I wrong in not wanting to encourage him to watch television? I am not saying he can't watch it, I just don't want him to spend all day glued to the screen, and I guess my approach to it, is just not putting 'Cbeebies' on so it becomes a 'habbit'. Today was a one off and even though Leo showed his approval...I shall not be encouraging it. Does this make me a bad Mummy?

I would much rather take Leo out and do things with him. Or even if we stay at home, I would prefer to do Arts and Crafts and just spend quality time with him. Yes there will be days where he or I are under the weather and cannot do these kinds of tasks, and those days I suppose we will cuddle up and watch a flick on the television.

What are your opinions on child television and how to you control/restrict viewing time?


  1. I'm a total proponent of the less TV the better in the first few years. My 4 yr old stepson is very articulate and smart and way ahead developmentally than others in his class and I attribute a lot of that to the level of human interaction he has received. I just think that TV is one-sided and kids need a two-sided interaction. They need to be able to respond and try to talk and be encouraged by people, whereas a TV can't do that for you.

  2. Hi Rosa, I have to say I am inclined to agree with you. Children/Babies most certainly need lots of one and one contact. I love to spend my time teaching Leo new things. I was just today going to take him to feed the ducks for the first time...until it rained :-(
    However we still had a nice walk down to town and back. :-)) x


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