Wednesday 4 January 2012

January Sales Tips From a Women on A Budget

So we are now into 2012, 4 whole days to be precise. I am sure I am not the only one who is guilty of revelling in the January Sales!? Am I? No....I did not think so.

If like me, you like to get really stuck in and get as many bargains as you can at this time of year, have some tips that may be of use to you.

Check online first: Always research before making your final decision on where you buy the item from. Scour the Internet and make your comparisons online before hand, find the best deals for the item in question and then locate the high street shops that have stock, if indeed you want to experience the sales in person.

It is important to research your purchases on the Internet ahead of time, as you may be missing out on deals that are available only to online shoppers. In addition, you have to pay for transportation to and from the shops. If you do go to the shops, you are more likely to find other essential buys along the way, especially if you bring your children with you, they can be a BIG distraction. Plan to do some of your shopping online to reduce your stress levels and maintain your all important budget.

Go with a list of what you want: Don't just turn up and look at everything or like me you'll be overwhelmed with choice and you'll end up the entire shop! I tend to do this, get the items home and then think 'Why did I buy this???' Sometimes a bargain can look appealing even when wouldn't normally buy it.... Simply because it feels like a bargain. Don’t be tempted by a pair of shiny leopard print trousers JUST because they’re reduced by 75%!

Head to the shops early:  With your list and your vouchers in hand you’ll most certainly be prepared to take advantage of the great savings that shopping this time of the year can bring. My biggest regret is not getting up extra earlier on Boxing Day and heading with the crowds to Next. I did eventually get there, but by then...the crowds had been and left only the crumbs for me to pick at.

Back in December provided us with some excellent tips for Christmas shopping, get in the know for Christmas 2012.

Happy New Year all, and Happy Sales Shopping!

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