Friday 1 March 2013

Leo Feeds The Ducks

Leo and I have always been and fed the ducks together

But until recently I had fed the ducks and Leo has fed himself. Leo has sat there munching on the ducks bread and point blank refused to throw any of it into the river for the ducks.

Then all of a sudden last month on one of our visits to feed the ducks, Leo decided that he would throw it to the ducks instead. I do think he may have been aiming for the ducks...but the fact is he was actually throwing the bread!

He laughed so hard and even harder when he actually managed to hit the duck with the bread...

The ducks, seagulls and geese all gathered around, some getting a little to close for comfort. But with the river banks still being swollen and the water being right up to the steps it meant I could let Leo stand next to me as he threw in the bread, well away from the water. Safe and sound.

It gave him that freedom he craves and he is now loving feeding the ducks more than ever.

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