Monday 25 March 2013

Keeping your head above water

My little family are in for a very busy summer, what with the two holidays we are booked to go on and everything else that we want to squeeze into those warm sunny day's while we have them. We are going to have to be looking into creative ways to save money and of course fund our days out and about.

We still have to find the money for all 3 of us to fly to Cyprus, and of course then there is the spending money that we will be needing while we are away for food and necessities, not to forget everything that we really want to do while we are there. Rumour has it that there may even be a possibility to swim with Dolphins, which is a life long dream of mine!

Now I have got this far in my life without having to rely on credit and have never actually had a credit card. This has worked pretty well for me so far, but I am now thinking that it may be a really helpful means to help us fund certain elements that we need to purchase over the next couple of months.

Using interest free credit cards will instantly start helping me to build up my credit rating further, and could benefit me at a later stage of my life like when I am in a position to take on a mortgage. So even if I am not a regular splurger, in the long run simply having it may help me out. 

It is not something that I would be wreck-less with and spending on willy nilly, but I do like the security net that it would provide should we really need it. Sometimes having the car tax creep up on me can be a bit of a burden, and just having the finance to pay it straight off and then pay off quickly would be really beneficial. 

Luke and I are currently saving hard for everything that we want and need to be doing, but needs must and we have to fit it all into our living budget. Even if we put a reasonable limit on the card of say £500 it really would just keep our heads that little further above water than without it.

I am seriously considering just taking out a credit card with a sensible limit for scenarios just like this, sometimes you just need that little bit extra to get you through the month.

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