Tuesday 26 March 2013

The Adventures of The Easywalker June

Since October last year I have been taking many more off-roading adventures with Leo.

You see we have been using the Easywalker June, a pushchair that knows no bounds, and has given me the inspiration to see where else we can venture to with the June, where other pushchairs can only dream about going.

Not even snow seems to get in the June’s way, I am yet to find a terrain that can stop those big chucky wheels in it’s path!

Where ever are adventures have taken us, the June has always been close by, giving us the ability to plough across the bumpiest field with ease.

Together we have tackled public transport and found the whole experience easy, especially when kind members of the public have offered their assistance in helping us on and off the train. 

A really handy aspect of the June is being able to navigate the cosy train aisles. I managed to push Leo in the June all the way down the train aisle to get to the other end. This is something that made my life so much easier, and also stopped me missing the train!

There have been occasions where I have had to collapse the June in a hurry, and juggle Leo at the same time. Something I have succeeded in doing without causing too much of a scene or ruffling to many feathers. 

I have managed to store the June away safely in taxi car boots and in the baggage storage of a train, with the added security of the transport lock that keeps the June locked down and together in one piece.

When the snow came down over the colder months and I refused to pull the car out of our road, the only way I would go anywhere was by foot. There was no question in my mind as to which pushchair would tackle the icy conditions best. 

The June of course was the pushchair of my choosing and it did not fail me or Leo once. We ploughed through the snowy paths, over snow covered grass and up to Granny’s house. I only had to look down at Leo to see how cosy he was in the June Footmuff, and he was none the wiser to just how bitterly cold it really was.

Oh how I longed to be the one pushed around in the June over those few days!

Long may our adventures continue, I have more plans to test the June on further terrains. 

For the moment I am looking forward to brighter skies and sunny days, so I can finally fit in that trip to the beach. I have been longing to test the June on the sand for some time now, but when all depends on when Spring decides to grace us with it’s presence.

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