Monday 18 March 2013

Slugs and Snails, and Puppy Dog's Tails

Slugs and Snails, and Puppy Dog's Tails.

That's what little boy's are made of!

Leo was 5 months old when we first slipped on his very first pair of Slugs and Snails. 

Slugs and Snails are tights specifically designed for boys. They are bright, bold and above all else, completely individual. 

In the 15 months that I have been putting Leo in these tights I have had the pleasure of getting to know Kat Redmond, the amazing lady behind these tights. I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing this woman is and how much time and effort she puts into making Slugs and Snails all that they are today, and all that they will be tomorrow.

I have never come across another child wearing Slugs, although we always get so many compliments on Leo’s tights and I am always happy to share where I got them and give them the website details. If I am honest I am always happy to share everything about this amazing company, as I quite honestly love them.

Last year as Autumn was setting in I was taking Leo to a local farm park to see all the animals, and I remember seeing a little boy crying. He was crying because he couldn’t tuck his jeans into his pair of wellington boots. I stood there watching his Mum trying to tuck them in, and then he would cry some more because she couldn’t get it right. 

I couldn’t help thinking that he should be wearing a pair of Slugs as then he wouldn’t be having that problem…. I am always pairing Slugs with Leo’s wellies and he never ever has this problem.

If you take a look around the high street shops you will be met with a disappointing selection of jeans, joggers and more jeans. There isn’t much colour splashed about in the boys section and this makes me feel sad. 

When I look at Leo he is full of bright colours. He looks super and that is all down to the amazing selection of Slugs and Snails he has in his wardrobe. Kat is always developing new and exciting designs to keep the kid’s bright and warm, and she has even re-designed a pair of my favourites (Spooked) with additional colours!

There are currently 9 different styles available in the Slugs and Snails range and I know that there are more in the design process. It has been amazing to see how Kat has grown Slugs and Snails since 2011, from 4 designs to 9! Kat was just launching Slugs and Snails just as I was beginning my blogging journey and she happened to be one of the very first people I tweeted with on Twitter!

Kat truly has come such a long way and even fought off criticism about Slugs and Snails tights making little boy’s gay! This of course is complete and utter madness. A child is going to be whoever they were born to be, a pair of tights is not going to make a blind scrap of difference and the insinuation is just laughable. 

These tights have given Leo the flexibility to move, they have seen him through rolling over, crawling and walking. He runs around in his tights and little suede boots like a rock star. He is the most daring and adventurous little boy that I know and I love that Slugs and Snails have given him this freedom.

Please check out Slugs and Snails for yourselves and make sure you read Kat’s story, as this Mum has put her heart and soul into making these tights for the little men (and girlies) in our lives, and you will see this from the quality of the tights.

Disclaimer: I have been sent tights for Leo, but I was not asked to write this feature. Everything I have written is based on my personal experience of Slugs and Snails and my love for the company. I have written this because I wanted to tell you all about Slugs and Snails and just how fantastic they are.


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  2. I really want to buy these for my son but my parnter sais no. I have wanted to buy a pair since charley was new born but have not been alowed to to it, even his nan sais no.
    I might buy a few pairs anyway and just put him in it so dave can see how amasing they are :)

    I really hope that its ok that i linked to this post in my blogg as i think that they are awesome

    1. I say just do it, Luke had reservations at the beginning but he soon came around to the idea. They were perfect for Leo and he has had so many admiring comments about his slugs!

      It was really lovely of you to link to me, of course I don't mind. Thank you ever so much xx


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