Monday 18 March 2013

Toddler Play

Playtime has become more fun than ever in our house.

From the tickles to the games of chase, Leo is one active little chap.

Peek a boo through the letter box is one of the ways he spends his days, spying all the cars that shoot past our front door. Leo never seems to grow tired of pointing out each and every car we see, even in the car park where there is of course ample amounts of car.

In fact Leo's love of cars is why we decided to invest in a little car of his very own. I just knew it was going to be the biggest hit since sliced cake. You see Leo adores the one at our local Tesco supermarket. Each shopping trip brings with it the Green eyed monster when he see's another child has hopped in it first. Leo doesn't hold back in trying to get me to head over and steal the car for him...

So he now has his very own. It is currently going backwards and forwards from Granny's house and home again.

Playtime takes on the form of baking with Mummy, and hiding Daddy's PlayStation controller in his play kitchen... 

Play time is becoming more energetic and exciting with each passing day.

Sonia at Mummy Constant has just started up a lovely linky that involves taking photos of your children enjoying their toys. I love to snap shots of Leo enjoying himself and I will be taking part over the coming months. 

So if like me you can get a little snap happy and want to share your photos...Link up to Foto Funtime


  1. Ahhh I love it. Our boys sound very similar! :-) love the cakes Hun. Nom nom xx

  2. I love the letterbox photo, very sweet!

    1. I adore this photo too :) thank you x

  3. Love the letterbox pic! Dylan likes to point out every car and every dog - our walks are full of chatter now!x

    1. This sounds exactly like Leo, although he calls dog's 'woof woof' hehe x


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