Wednesday 13 March 2013

The Kiddy City'n Move Stroller Review

Kiddy is one of the best known manufacturers of children’s car seats in Germany with over 30 years experience in the industry and now all of us here in the UK are getting to see their unique products too!

Kiddy currently have their incredible car seat selection available to us here in sunny England but a little bird has told me that very soon they will be introducing more of their exciting range, and that of course means pushchairs and strollers. 

My favourite type of baby and toddler transportation. 

I have been putting the Kiddy City 'n Move Stoller through it's paces over the last couple of months, and it is a stroller that I am looking forward to telling you all about. It is a stroller that both Leo and I have enjoyed using, and not to mention it is the very first pushchair that I have had a cup holder on!

Assembly & What Is In The Box?

- Chassis
- Hood
- Rain Cover
- Travel Adapters 

Putting the City'n Move together for the first time was so simple. Popping on the wheels and the hood was no problem what so ever and very quickly I had a complete stroller ready to hit the roads.

Putting the stroller up and down is simplicity at it's best, by pushing up the lever situated on the back of the stroller at the same time as pushing down on the lever on the right hand side of the stroller, and pushing forward you can very quickly collapse the umbrella fold stroller to store away or pack back into your car. As for putting the stroller back up again, by removing the travel lock and adding tension to the fame with your foot, the stroller is up and ready to go!

We have the City ‘n Move Stroller in the very lovely Hawaiian Blue against a jet Black frame, and this makes it all stand out and look the part. I have to admit that I think a stroller looks extra special with a Black frame as it makes it really smart.

Now I love the idea of a light weight stroller, especially with a growing toddler who is now beginning to make pushing him around feel a little more like hard work… The stroller is an overall light weight stroller but is exceptionally sturdy, especially over some light weight strollers I have used.

The City ‘n Move does not feel like it is going to topple over if you dare add one or two shopping bags on the bag, it does not feel like it is going to fall apart on you. It really is a quality stroller. 

It is nice to know that you can dare hang the odd shopping bag on the very inviting handles (I know we shouldn’t but I know we all will!) but I haven’t even told you about the spacious shopping basket hiding under the stroller yet! 

The basket is a good size, not massive but enough to keep your rain cover in and and other bits and pieces. The only down side to this shopping basket is that the cross bar frame cuts right through it, so to actually get to the basket you have to dip in through the frame which can become a little annoying when you are trying to get everything into the basket in a hurry.

Now the seat unit of any pushchair is always a big selling point before you purchase, after all you want to know that your baby is going to be comfortable in their new ride. The City ‘n Move seat unit is lovely and spacious, it is nicely padded and is completed with 3D netting so that air can get in and out to your child, perfect for a hot day. 

The seat unit features a 5 point harness system with padded shoulder belts to keep the belts from irritating the child. The belt height can be positioned over 3 height settings, and with Leo getting so big, he is now on the third setting. I like how the safety harness sits on Leo as he looks comfortable and the belt is a good fit.

There is a bumper bar that you can keep attached even when removing the child from the stroller, I find these great as you can wrap toys around them to keep little one entertained, or I could before Leo realised he could pull them off…

The leg rest is long enough to give your kid’s growing room, and it is so easy to adjust. The recline feature can be adjusted on the back of the stroller by simply lifting up the catch and pushing the seat unit back, perfect when they fall asleep and you want to quickly make them more comfortable. 

The recline does not go completely flat but that is not an issue for me, as it is perfect for what Leo needs and I think you will agree. You will see from the video exactly how flat it goes and the slight incline I don’t think is an issue, not even for a younger baby. 

The hood offers great protection from the elements and I think it is a really good size. You can tighten the hood by tensioning the clips on either side, this makes it more sturdy and great for the windy conditions we have been experiencing lately. 

For the parents pushing the stroller you will be pleased to know that the handles are lovely and soft, both Luke and I have enjoyed pushing this stroller. There is even a cup holder for that iced coffee you are struggling to hold and push the buggy at the same time with… It is the little things like a cup holder that can be the final selling point. Out of all the strollers and pushchairs I have used, this is the first and only one that has ever come with a cup holder! Sufficed to say that I was a little over the moon to know that my iced coffee now had a place of it’s own.

The Kiddy comes with car seat adaptors as standard, this means that it can be used as a travel system with your baby from birth. The adapters mean that you can just pop on the Kiddy Infant Seat and go about your business, for a parent on a budget this is fantastic as you will only ever need to buy the one stroller that can be used all the way through to the point where they will no longer need a pushchair anymore! 

The Kiddy is priced at £160.00 and is fantastic value for money, from the quality of the stroller and the added extras which mean you can use this from day one with your child. It really is a bargain. 

I highly recommend the Kiddy City ‘n Move and I think Leo agrees with me!

Please excuse my muddy boots and my toddler stained leggings...It is all part and parcel of spending the day with Leo! Forgive me... Oh and for Leo's camera sabotage also! 

Disclaimer: I was sent the Kiddy City ‘n Move for the purpose of this review, however all views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own. 


  1. I love Leo in your videos! hehe And I love this pushchair, one of the easiest to push that we have used! x

    1. Haha, I don't think the videos would be the same without Leo! It's a super stroller! x

  2. I've heard a lot of good reviews about these strollers. They look fab.

    1. They are great, I highly recommend them! x

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