Tuesday 26 March 2013

Leo's First Car

Leo has always loved anything with wheels.
Pushchairs, cars, steering wheels. 

Anything really that he can roll through his fingers. He has even been known to tip his pushchair on it’s side just so he can roll the wheels round.

As Leo has got older and come into his own, we have discovered Leo’s love for cars.

Big cars, little cars, toy cars, sit and ride cars…Just cars in general really. 

While we are out and about he points at each and every car we see.

He tells me that it’s a ‘car’.
He even makes a ‘brum, brum’ noise to accompany his statement. 

Cars are Leo’s favourite thing in this big wide world full of new things.

Trips to our local Tesco can end in disaster if he spy’s the Little Tikes car that is distractingly fitted to one trolley. 

If Leo so much as sees another child riding in HIS car trolley then he will shout ‘car’ at them until he is blue in the face. He looks at me with his big glass eyes like the world has committed the biggest injustice against him. 

They have stolen his car.

I have to admit that I avoid this trolley at all costs. It is heavy to push even without the stacks of shopping I need to fill it with. So more often than not I have to distract Leo while loading him into a ‘normal’ trolley so that we can get away before he see’s it.

Of course even if we get past the trolley bay and into the super market, the chances are we will come face to face with another child in Leo’s favourite trolley. 

Then the trouble begins…

That is what gave me the idea to get Leo his very own Cosy Coupe. And that is why Leo pushed aside his morning cuddles with Mummy in order to go and sit in his shiny new police car.

That is why after Leo’s bath he wouldn’t let me dry him off….and instead went and sat butt naked in his very own car.

I suddenly had visions to the future of Leo passing his driving test. I just hope that he manages to get dressed through all of his excitement before he goes out driving, otherwise he really will be in a world of trouble!

So this is Leo’s very first car. 

A car that he spends all day getting in and out of, banging the door shut each and every time. It’s where he spins the steering wheel round and toots the horn while waving bye to his Mummy as Daddy pushes him away quickly. 

I have a feeling he is going to continue to love his cars, and this is probably the first of MANY more cars….


  1. These cars have been around forever and are still so popular, it just shows the classics are the best! I keep thinking about getting one for Sebastian but our garden is on a slope and i worry he will go hurtling down the slope at considerable speed.

    1. They have been around forever! My little brother had one and I think it is still kicking around somewhere! Sounds like you did exactly what we used to do! Great minds :) x


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