Wednesday 6 March 2013


When I was pregnant with Leo I never really gave much thought to what would happen, but when I did think about going into labor and my little man making an appearance I always thought it would be in the middle of the night. I expected everything to be rushed and crazy and that the contractions would be coming so thick and so fast that I wouldn't be able to breathe. 

I never actually expected to get such a perfect birth, I never expected everything to be so calm and so relaxed. I didn't expect to get the water birth I had so coveted and I thought that despite my claims of not wanting an epidural, that I would sure as hell end up having one anyway.

I went into labor on the Friday, or at least I think I did. Not noticeably so, it wasn't painful by any means, I was merely aware that I was experiencing waves in the very pit of my stomach. But I didn’t say anything, or if I did no one took any notice. Luke was very good at ignoring my pregnancy ramblings and he was adamant that I was going to go overdue and the idea of me going into labor a week early was laughable to him.

Of course by the Sunday after Luke had paraded me around in the warm sticky June heat that had decided to grace us with its presence, I decided that I was confining myself to a dark room with a high power fan, a foot spa and a film while I sent Luke off to his Mum’s. 

Still even at this point I still didn’t think I was in labor, not even after a show. 

Although I wasn’t in pain, I was far from comfortable and sitting down had become a thing of the past and laying down in bed seemed to have followed suit. I spent the night walking around the house and wishing away the hours, all I longed to do was close my eyes for a little while, but that wave in my tummy was so much worse when I lay down. 

Luke however was tucked up asleep in bed, fast asleep in the land of nod. I had always thought that if I was in labor it would be incredibly obvious and I would most likely be kicking and screaming. But I wasn't. I was silent.

When Luke awoke the next morning he called up triage and so began our mission to get me into hospital. They didn't want me in, they told me that while I was talking through the contractions like I was that I was fine at home and was nowhere near ready to go in.

By this point though I was beginning to think I should go in, there was an ever growing pressure building up and so I decided to reward the hospital with screaming if that is what they so wished for. I was soon in Worcester hospital and having an internal examination. My heart began sinking when I half expected to be told to go back home again, but they were rather impressed.

I was already 9.5cm dilated and apparently doing exceptionally well with the contractions. The contractions that were never in any particular rhythm, they were just there. 

Everything was going as I had secretly hoped it would, but not as I had really expected it to go. 

The midwife was impressed that I was still walking around and had really thought that I would be going home before I was ready to be admitted. They quickly got the pool ready as the daylight poured into the room.

With the pool ready I was left to my own devices, just as I had wanted. I feared medical intervention and multiple examinations. The freedom experienced in a pool while you are the size of a beached whale is pain relief in itself and as I could not sit down, floating was my salvation. 

With lunch time upon us now was the time I chose to push out my 7lbs 15oz baby boy into the world. Pushing was by far the most painful experience but in minutes I had my baby in my arms, and was left feeling shocked at how quickly it had all happened.

The experience still blows me away. It was the most amazing, fantastic and magical moment of my life. 

My experience of labor and giving birth has given me such a positive glow, and I can quite honestly say that one day I cannot wait to do it all again. 

As crazy as it may sound, I absolutely loved labor but the active stage for me was the bomb! Now it is all but a distant memory I am kicking myself for not having Luke video record it (tastefully). 

When I eventually do get round to having another baby one day, I will be asking Luke to take lot’s more photos and even record as much as he can. I would so love to be able to go back and re-live the moment that Leo came into the world. 

Now who thinks I am mad!?


  1. Not mad at all! But ask someone else aside from Luke so he is not distracted from helping you. A could maybe

    1. That's what I am thinking! If it is anything like that first time I will happily hand someone a video camera!


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