Saturday 30 June 2012

A day with Grandad

Wednesday was a busy day in our house. You see it was our little man's very first birthday. With all the coming's and going's throughout the day, everyone wanting to see our beautiful birthday boy, there was no chance to really go out anywhere for the day. 

It was decided that over the weekend we would make the very most of our time, and whether it rained or shined...We would do something for Leo. To help us celebrate we invited Luke's Dad along, Leo's Grandaddy. 

The weather was a confusing affair so it was decided that we would visit the Butterfly farm, where we could escape any potential rain and enjoy a vast array of different butterfly's!

This was Leo's second visit to the Butterfly Farm, and we first visited back in February. Leo loved every moment even back then, so we knew he could only love it that little bit more.  We all piled into my little 206 and off we went to Stratford...

Leo was even more curious this time around, wanting to touch anything and everything that came his way. Luke found what he thought to be a dead Butterfly and gently picked it up to show it to Leo. Unfortunately Leo was a little to quick with his hands and managed to make a swipe at the poor thing, which apparently was not quite as dead as Luke first thought...Judging by it quickly flying away from the swiping motion of Leo's hands.

The farm have recently added a few Iguanas to the 'flight' area, and I was very taken a back to see them roaming around completely free. They are not hard to miss and we found one having a good old munch on some leaves. There are many signs warning that these reptiles may be quick to snap...So it is safe to say that I steered very clear.

I even held a Snake on our adventure today, the only One out of Luke and Grandaddy to do so. Brownie points for Mummy on this occasion! 

Having got back around 7pm, both of my boy's are completely spark out. Even Luke is fast asleep and dreaming...You would think they had experienced a very busy day....

I will let the pictures do the talking of our exciting day!

How have your Saturday's been? Been on any adventures this weekend?

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