Thursday 14 June 2012

Slugs & Snails - How Do You Wear Your's?

If you are a regular visitor to my little part of cyber space, then my love of boy's tights is no secret... and when I say boy's tights I do of course mean Slugs & Snails

Leo has been nick named the boy in tights in our family, and it is not hard to work out why. Leo practically lives in his unique yet stylish tights, and as soon as they have been worn they are back in the wash and laid back out on the washing line for another day of use. 

Leo wears his tights in all their glory, we match up a T-Shirt or jumper and he is set to impress in each of the Four rockin' designs. We never ever cover up our Slugs & Snails with jeans, the idea of hiding away the colour and imagination that these tights share with everyone around them...Just seems outrageous.

When Leo enters a room, he is always the only baby boy in tights. This does not phase me and and most certainly does not phase Leo! In fact we feel very proud of ourselves and Kat when we are complimented on Leo's attire and always share the details to the official Slugs & Snails website, so they can get a pair for their little one.

- Spooked!
- High Flyer!
- Out Of This World!
- Ahoy!

It seems a shame to cover up the colourful vibrant tights with jeans, however this is always a option for when the weather turns colder. Slugs & Snails are the perfect clothing for babies always on the go, looking out for their next adventure...Maybe that is why Leo and I love them so much!

You could compare the amount of ways to wear your Slugs and Snails tights to that of eating a Cadbury's Creme Egg!

Rockin' Slugs & Snails as they were made to be worn! Loud & Proud!

Rockin' Slugs & Snails with Jeans!

Rockin' Slugs & Snails with shoes!

Just let your imagination run wild....Just like the designs on these fabulous tights!

So how does your little man sport his Slugs & Snails? Do you also wear them loud and proud? Or do you wear them under other trousers to keep him toasty warm?

Here is my little Leo - The boy in tights! 

No... I am not talking about Robin Hood!

I am talking about my bright eyed boy, who wears his boy tights on his daily adventures. They allow him to move freely and never restrict him. They allow him to be care free and enjoy everything life throws at him!

You just need to see these photos to see that!


  1. He wears them well! I really do need to get some for Dyls soon!

    1. Leo does love his tights! Ooo you should! Dylan would look great! xx

  2. Replies
    1. They are just great! They are my all time favorite boy's item! x

  3. Oh my, these are amazing!!

    1. Hey lovely! Yes they really are! Boy's clothes just got a hell of a lot more creative! xx

  4. I wear tights too and feel in they very comfortably .


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