Thursday 28 June 2012

Leo Turns One

Today my beautiful little boy turned One year old.

This for me is such a big deal, not only does it mark Leo's very first year but it also represents my very first year as a Mummy. I love to plan birthday's and make a real effort, and yes there may have been times where I went a little over the top, but I wanted Leo's very first birthday to be a memorable occasion. I wanted Leo to look back and think 'Wow, they did this right from the very start!'

So my birthday planning began many weeks ago. My thoughts turned to cake...I thought cake and I even dreamt cake, but I was stuck. I could not afford to buy a fancy cake from those fancy bakers and the supermarket cake's were not what I had in mind. Many people told me to bake one myself but I could not even fathom the idea, just in case I created a charcoal mess. However I did raise to the occasion and my very first attempt at a birthday cake was a success!

The past few days have been incredibly busy while I made the final preparations for Leo's big day. I baked a Vanilla Sponge Cake in the shape of a number One and smiled a satisfied smile when I saw that my attempt looked...and even tasted like it was supposed to. There were a few icing disasters but I was so proud to have made my little man's very first birthday cake.

I went to sleep last night like a child at Christmas, knowing that when Leo woke up he would find the living room full of balloons and birthday banners, and of course presents all for him!

Leo awoke early and I took that as my cue to take my birthday boy downstairs and smother him in happy birthday hugs. Leo looked around the room at all the balloons and looked completely bewildered, and just kept staring at the alien objects that were completely out of the ordinary. 

He soon discovered the balloons and had a wail of a time tapping them all with his hand, they bounced from wall to wall and had Leo speed crawling to keep up with them. I was hoping that he would soon find the presents and start ripping the wrapping paper off each and every package. However Leo decided that he was not interested in the presents and when asked if he would like to open one, and handed a brightly coloured parcel, he shook his head from side to side in a matter of fact 'No' gesture. 

It soon felt like my birthday, I started to open presents in the hope he would gain interest. I slowly peeled one piece of paper back before offering it to him, where I was again met with his shake of the head. Inside Leo's packages were many special treats, he had Waybuloo's and books. He even had some bath toy's. The best gift of all was a Smart Trike that we could not wait to use. 

With all the excitement of the morning, opening presents and many a card it was soon time for the birthday boy's lunch. We fed him at lightening speed and lay him down for a well deserved nap before preparing ourselves for a leisurely walk into town. 

Leo squealed with delight as we placed him into his new trike and we wheeled him into town. Each little sway and jiggle with the steering made him squeal with laughter. He loved the ride and made it no secret that he was having a great time.

We walked to the river and spent some time at the park, where Leo swung away in a swing smiling as he went backwards and forwards. He spent so much of his birthday smiling, and above all else happy.

We had many visits from excited family members who could not believe that a year had passed already. That the Leo who was once so little was now cruising around and crawling at lightning speed. They felt just like I did. 

With Leo's birthday coming to a close and bedtime drawing near we decided that it was time to light Leo's cake and wish him a happy birthday. The cake was a hit and I was incredibly proud to have made his cake from scratch. Of course I did worry that it would not taste as good as I hoped, but when the time came to have a little bite, I was even more impressed with myself. It tasted....Dare I say it? Great!

Leo's cake was covered in fountains and even had a special candle that un-wound and sang happy birthday. I was truly worried that his special cake may actually take off and hit the kitchen ceiling! However when the sparkles dazzled off Leo's very first birthday cake, he stared mesmerized. Transfixed on this special moment that was all for him. 

I did start to wonder if any other One year old's out there had to worry about their cake flying off to the high heavens before you even had chance to sing happy birthday!?

Leo has had a brilliant day and has truly been spoilt rotten, just as he should be. His birthday marks his very first year of life and my amazing first year of being a Mummy. It has been lovely watching Leo enjoy his special day and I would like to thank you all for your birthday wishes and kind words. 

Is it just me who feels that this first birthday is a little bitter sweet? It means that Leo is not a little baby any more. He is actually a number... One years old. It means that he is well on his way into toddler hood and in this next year he will become a child, a little boy who runs and talks. 

How did you feel on your little one's first birthday?


  1. Happy Birthday gorgeous boy, and Mummy is looking amazing too! Such a happy family time. Thank you for linking the lovely park photos up to Country Kids.

    1. Thanks lovely. He had a fab day and especially loved the swings! xx

  2. Happy belated Birthday!
    I hope Leo will enjoy his presents and what a beautiful cake. We would like it if you'll post photos of Leo on his Smart-Trike on our Facebook page or Pinterest board >

    1. Hi Michelle,

      I am sure we can work something out. Drop me a email :-)


  3. Glad you all had a fab day. I've never used those fountains before. Will have to get some x


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