Thursday 21 June 2012

What's age got to do with it?

Just yesterday I took Leo to see my oldest friend. We pulled up outside her house and I prepared to get Leo out of the car and haul his bag full of essentials inside. Only I was stopped by a passer by who saw me getting my beautiful boy out of the car. 

There was no hello and no introduction. This man was a complete stranger to me.

However he overstepped his place instantly. The stranger told me in no uncertain terms that I looked far to young to have a baby. He even went on to question whether Leo was actually mine and looked disgusted when I said of course he is.

I was obviously very taken a back, no one has ever said this to me before. EVER. I simply smiled and carried on getting Leo out of the car. He kept on walking but looked back over his shoulder, as if he was in complete utter shock.

How dare he even say such a thing to me, I am 22 and I pay my way. I may be younger than some but i'm a good Mummy and have nothing but Leo's best interests at heart, he has a loving family and everything he needs. You only have to look at Leo to see how contented and incredibly happy he is and my age has absolutely nothing to do with this. 

I am many more things as well as being a young Mother. 

I am a partner...
Best friend
Hard worker
Parent blogger
Grand Daughter

The list goes on...

Even if I was say 16, that has absolutely nothing to do with this stranger who simply passed a judgement as he walked past. Who is to say that a older Mother would do a better job? 

I have made my life choices and I embrace them. They are what make me, ME. Leo is the most important aspect in my life and if this one stranger could take a look at my little bit of cyber space, well...Maybe he would choke on his words. 

I am not a run of the mill young Mum that you read about in the newspaper. I have a lot going for me and I am proud of everything I have accomplished.

I have been thinking over what this stranger said to me and if I could turn back the hands of time, I really would give him a piece of my mind!

How would you have handled the situation? Would you have told him to jog on or just agreed to disagree?



  1. You've got to love strangers who overshare their opinions. An old man came up to me and the little man a little while back and said hello, asked if he was a good boy etc. Then he said "You'll have to tell mummy that you want a brother or sister" to which I said, "I'm already working on one" with a smile. His face completely changed and he said I'd have to get the other half to tie a knot in it now then. How random! What business is it of his?
    You're a fab mummy and as long as you are then nothing else matters. X

  2. Oh my gosh! How do strangers think it is ok to say these things to people they have just met?

    It makes me so angry. I would never dream of saying anything like this to anyone! X

  3. I got told I looked far too young to be having a baby when I was pregnant and I did not know what to say! It is nothing to do with anyone else whether I chose to have a baby at 14, 24 or 44. Make sure you have a speech prepared for the next time! x

    1. We are a niche and we are brilliant Mummy's! Dylan and Leo are evidential proof of this fact and next time I will have a speech just to flick off my tounge! x

  4. I find people so rude who think it is ok to comment. I look younger than I am, 28, and whenever I am out with my sister who is 18 people give us the dirtiest looks if Mads is with us- one person even tutted when we walked past. It makes me so cross- I am married, with my own house and I pay my way too. Grrr! Ignore him you are a fab mummy. x

    1. People really are rude. It is incredible how they take it upon themselves to pass such judgement!


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