Tuesday 26 June 2012

Way Back, When

A year ago to this very day on Sunday the 26th June 2011, the sun was shining so very bright in the sky and I was 38 weeks plus 6 days pregnant. The weather was lovely for everyone else but I was not in a position to be able to enjoy it. In fact the sun was no friend of mine, nor my very swollen ankles and blooming, ready to pop at any moment bump.

Looking out of the window I could see that it was a lovely day, and had it been any other day I would have been out there enjoying it too. 

However this was not just any other day.

I had been having twinges way down low in my tummy since Friday, but I put it down to a dodgy tummy and  not for one moment did I even consider I could be in the early stages of labour. That never crossed my mind for a moment. Not even when I had a show. I kept calm and did not worry and my first instinct was to Google what a show actually was and was soon sure that is what I had experienced.

I decided to call the maternity triage who told me 'It sounds to me like you are in the early stages of labour, but don't worry you will probably have days ahead of you yet. Stay at home as long as possible and hopefully we will see you soon'.

Having been told I was in the early stages of labour, I beamed from ear to ear and hoped that when bean finally did decide to grace us with his presents...My ankles would reduce back to their pre-pregnancy state and I would be able to once again shower myself in sunshine.

Until that moment though, I was adamant that I was staying put in the comfort of my room. I drew the curtains hiding away from the rays that made me feel so uncomfortable, and that was how I planned to spend the rest of the day until the sun finally relented and said goodnight. 

Luke of course had other plans...

He came in and turned my plans on their head. He turned off the DVD that I was just settling down to watch and marched me out to the car, where he announced that we were off to have a walk around a derelict cinema that was under refurbishment, before I even had chance to tell him that I was in the early stages of labour.

Even when I did manage to tell him exactly what the triage had said, he did not believe me...Nope he did not believe a word. So I was marched up and down steep stair cases and even paraded around Tesco where my only objective was to purchase a mass array of ice lollies. 

After our little adventure all over town, Luke returned me to the confinement of home and even left me while he went over to his Mother's for the afternoon, and then well on into the evening. This was the extent of him not believing I was actually starting to go into labour. Luke always thought I would go over due, so all of this happening one whole week early... Seemed to make Luke very sceptical.

I spent the evening out in the garden with my family, I could not sit down and I was pacing around the garden when Luke finally arrived home. I was not aware that I was having contractions but this uncomfortable wave in my tummy kept returning. It was only when my Mum told me she was pretty sure that I was experiencing contractions that it even occurred to me.

Around 11pm everyone else retreated into the house, but I just wanted to stay outside in the cool breeze that was brushing all over me. I did attempt sleep that night and try I did, but sleep never did come because I could not lie down. The only comfortable places I could find, were standing on my feet and sitting on the loo. 

I spent the whole night combining my Two comfortable places while Luke slept like a baby. After a long night pacing the halls and wishing time to go faster so morning would come sooner, and Luke would be awake again. 

Morning finally arrived and it was a new day... 

It was June 27th 2011 and I had gone through the night on paracetamol and ice lollies, but today was the day that my little man and I would meet for the very first time.

A year makes so much difference, and today instead of scorching heat we had Grey cloud and instead of preparing for labour, I am making the final preparations for my beautiful boy's very first Birthday.


  1. Great post, very excited for you about leo's birthday! I hope you all have a lovely time x

    1. Thanks Lisa, I am very excited. Just been setting everything up for him in the living room. I have gone so OTT but I am sure he will love it. Even if he does not remember...I can share the pictures and memories x

  2. What a difference a year makes, hey? I remember spending the days leading up to my little mans first birthday thinking about how much had changed and how weird it was thinking about life without him in it.
    I hope YOU have a fab day for Leo's birthday, because it's a birthday for you too. One whole year of being a mummy! Well done you. X

    1. A year makes so much difference, I find it hard to believe that I was floating about in the pool at hospital by now! Just waiting for Leo to make his appearance.
      Thank you Lucy, it really is a very special day xx


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