Sunday 17 June 2012

The First Father's Day

Today is Luke's very first Father's Day, he narrowly missed last year by 10 small days. Leo obviously felt that I deserved to celebrate my first Mother's Day before Daddy got his day, and quite rightly too!

Being on maternity leave has left a very small budget for Father's Day but I was determined to mark it with a memorable card and gift. So this morning when Leo awoke, I brought him into see Daddy and together we handed him his gift and his card.

Luke's gift from Leo was a photo from the professional shoot we had done back in February. It is a lovely photo of Daddy and Leo, that I had printed and framed for him. The card I personalised online and even managed to insert Leo's gorgeous little face right into the centre. 

The card read...
'Daddy, Happy First Father's Day!
Enjoy your day...because every other day is for Mummy!
I may only be small but I love you SO big!

Happy Daddy's Day,

Lots of hugs and dribbly cuddles,

Luke was also presented with a beautiful Merci Maman Bracelet, which he absolutely loves. So many thanks to Merci Mamam for putting a big smile on my other half's face.

The rest of the day will be spent with Leo's Great Grandfather and extended family for a very yummy Sunday lunch, where I am sure Leo will steal the day for himself and we would not have it any other way!

How did you all celebrate Father's Day? 

Happy Father's Day to all Daddy's and Daddy's to be!



  1. Oh i LOVE Leo's card to daddy, looks so cute! xxx

    1. I thought it was pretty cute too! :-) xx


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