Friday 29 June 2012

Leo's First Year

Leo's First year in life has been a year for First everything. 

Each new day has brought a new adventure for us to live and a new experience for us to learn from. Each new discovery has taught us both valuable lessons that have allowed us to grow, play and love together.

Leo's very first experience was his journey into the world and that to this very day is the most amazing day of my life. 

As the days since Leo's arrival turned into weeks, we were soon rewarded with the most amazing gift for all the late night feeds and early mornings. Leo's very first smile. For a while it was only his uncle that could make his little cheeks curl into the beautiful gummy crescent moon. Just watching him smiling was the greatest thing, and even now when he smiles I cannot help but think 'Wow'.

When Leo turned 12 weeks old in September 2011, we decided the time was right for him to move into his very own room. Luke and I spent Two days painting his room and getting it all ready before putting him in his big boy cot for the very first time. That night I missed my little baby desperately, but with him growing so quickly his moses basket was becoming pretty snug. The very first night in his cot at 12 weeks old, was the very night he rejected the dummy I had resented giving him, and since then...We have never looked back.

The weeks soon turned into months, and at just over 4 months old, we slowly embraced our weaning journey. Leo took to food right away, he loved baby porridge and that was our starting point. From there we took it very slowly and did not rush ourselves. Now Leo eats like a pro, and loves food with a great enthusiasm. You could say he has a see food and eat it motto...

In October Leo experienced his very first Halloween. In true style a 4 month old Leo and I set about carving pumpkins and taking many a photo! 

In November at 20 weeks old, Leo rolled over for the very first time, and just after this magical moment it was time to jet off to Tenerife for Leo's very first holiday. Leo was only 5 months old and was the model baby as we took off into the sky for a week away in the Winter sunshine. While we were away Leo visited his very first beach, and we collected some seashells for his memory box. His very first seashells.

Shortly after our return from holiday, we were graced with the most heartfelt sound. Leo's very first belly laugh. A noise that erupted from the very pitt of his tummy. That rang loud and true and brought a smile to anyone and everyone that witnessed it. Leo has always been such a happy baby boy and continues to make us smile everyday.

Winter was here and we were now eagerly awaiting Leo's very first Christmas. Despite Leo only being just over 5 months old we decided to make it a Christmas to remember and implement our traditions early on. We took Leo to ride on the Santa Express, where Santa was visiting with all his Elves.

The Christmas Tree was covered in our little man's very own decorations and this years tree was extra special, as it was Leo's first. Our little man even received a very special letter. A letter from the not so little man in Red! When the big day arrived, Leo saw Christmas in with style...

With the new year upon us, many new firsts were about to broaden our horizen. Leo's first tooth popped through in January at 6 months old. I had many feelings about this but excitement won over in the end. Then out of nowhere he began to clap his little hands. My heart melted...

Winter was still all around us at the end of January, and although it was hat and coat weather. We still braced the park for a morning walk, and this is when Leo and I fed the Ducks together for the very first time.

In February we saw the first and only snow fall of Winter. My hopes for a White Christmas had been dashed, but Leo finally got a glimpse of the white stuff!

By mid February Leo had a new found mobility - crawling. This was the beginning of our constant on the move, not being able to sit down adventure. Leo currently prefers to crawl over finding the use of his Two feet! This was also the month he discovered his wave, and now he loves to wave at everyone we come across. It is surely a great way to make friends on the train! 

Back in May Leo discovered that he could use his walker to get around the house. Cruising and using the walker were very exciting. Still...He was yet ready to put one foot in front of the other and walk.

It was in May that we began hearing actual words coming from Leo's little mouth, and then in June we took Leo to see his very first firwork display. It was here that he also had his very first fairground ride.

That sums up Leo's very first year and many of the first's that he has experienced. Some amazing moments for Leo and myself, precious moments that I count my lucky stars for being able to re-live at any moment I choose to. 

It was Leo's very first Birthday on Wednesday June 27th and we have come such a long way. We have both grown from our exciting year together and I know that we still have many firsts to come, and I look forward to them. We are now into our Second year together and I cannot wait to share our adventures with you.

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