Thursday 21 June 2012

Sponsored Video: Organix Goodies

Organix Goodies have a exciting range of healthy treats and snacks for toddlers, these ‘Goodies’ are different, and you could even go on to say unique, as these treats contain a No Junk Promise! The No Junk Promise guarantees to the Mummy's and Daddy's of the world that there is no added salt, processed sugars, colouring's and even no nasty additives in any of their range.
Leo and I have used the Organix Mini Gingerbread Men in the past and they have always gone down a storm with my little man. One of the first Organix range we ever tried though were the Carrot Stix. What I loved about these were that they are a great finger food to take out on a journey with us for the day, Leo always seemed very impressed.
Organix has recently launched 'Goodies Organic Veg & Oat Bars', an innovative tasty savoury snack to keep toddlers going between meals.  The bars are part of the new Goodies Savouries range which offer a variety of toddler snacks full of goodness and a welcome alternative to sweet flavours.
Organix offer a great range of Baked Corn goodies such as the Carrot Stix I mentioned, and they are a great healthy alternative to crisps. To compliment the range there is also a selection of flavoursome Organic drinks. 'Just Fruit and Water’ is a blend of exactly what it says on the label, Organic Fruit Juices and water. 
There are plenty more yummy treats in the Organix range too, you will find Organic Biscuits, Organic Dried Fruit and Organic Cereal Bars. There really is an Organix option to meet each and every toddlers taste.
Organix have a rather sweet advert running at the moment that you should have a little look at.

This is a Sponsored Post by Organix - All views and opinions are my own.

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