Thursday 14 June 2012

Leo & The Balloon Festival

In the riverside town where we live, we are lucky enough to have annual festivals that take place. One of which is the Balloon Festival. This year though the Balloon Festival was going to have to push on...with no balloons. The weather leading up to the festival had ensured that they just could not risk flying them, but we were not going to let this dampen our spirits! Oh no!

The festival hosts an array fair ground rides, and of course the famous beer tent. The town always attend in the masses and make the most of the events that are put on.

This year was Leo's very first visit, although I am sure it won't be the last. I got Leo bathed and ready for bed and tucked him up in the pushchair. We took him the short walk into town and down to the river. Luke and I were too excited to show Leo his very first fair and of course the firework display later that night!

Leo did not know where to turn, everywhere he looked there were bright lights and loud sounds. He was enjoying every moment as we took him around the festival. We stood by a ride and he watched it go round and round...You could see his poor little head trying to keep up with the twists and turns.

Luke even took Leo on his very first fairground ride, the little train. I stood on the side line and watched my boys drive round and round. I could not decide who was having the most fun, Luke or Leo? I have to say that I do think it was Luke who enjoyed the experience the most, as he went along ringing the bell over and over again!

As the night drew darker and the band finished playing their final set for the evening, the crowd grew silent awaiting the expectant bangs of the first fireworks. I lifted Leo out of the pushchair in anticipation of his reaction. The reaction he had to his very first fireworks.

As the first ones were let off and flew high into the sky, we watched them explode into beautiful colours that rained down over us all watching below, Leo smiled at the new sight. with each bang he squinted his eyes and then embraced the experience with all his might, loving it all.

I just knew that my brave little man would not be scared. How did I know this? A year living amongst the people of the mad house...Fireworks are not the least bit scary!

How did your little one's react to their First firework experience?



  1. I love that picture towards the top where it looks like Leo is going "ooooooooh". Very sweet. Sounds like you had a fab time, it's so nice when there are events like this on your doorstep especially for children. X

    1. Thanks Lucy, I was so glad to get some good shots of Leo's first fireworks. He does look very amazed!

      Hope your beautiful family are all doing well xx


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