Thursday 11 July 2013

A Boy's Best Friend

We are just over a month in since Tigger, our Bengal Kitten moved in.
We have had 5 weeks together, getting to know each other. 
All the while we have been keeping a watchful eye on the toddler...
and the kitten.
Trying to work out how they will get along, 
how they will behave towards one another.

Leo spent the first couple of weeks completely over the moon excited, 
excited that a CAT was living in his home.
The excitement was expressed in many ways, chasing poor Tigger around as he darted here and there, playing with the kitten toys as Tig's jumped high into the air, and then there's even the excitement on Tigger's behalf as he chased Leo around the house.

One thing has become immediately apparent in these 5 weeks,
and that is that both Leo and Tigger are BIG TROUBLE.
Tigger follows Leo around like a shadow, getting involved with all of Leo's games. 
Leo follows Tigger around and try's to crawl along the back of the sofa, climb onto his wooden play kitchen and even climb up the cat tree!

These two are going to be the very best of friends.

I put Leo to bed the other evening, tucked him in just like I always do. 
I then retreated downstairs with the baby monitor and began to do the evening chores.
Then... I heard laughter. Leo's laughter coming through the baby monitor, 
not the sounds of a sleeping baby that's for sure.

I wondered what on earth could be so funny?
Then I saw the answer to my question in the form of a pair of glowing eyes, 
gleaming at me on the infrared camera. 
Cat's eyes.

Tigger had managed to jump into Leo's cot and thus caused all of the infectious chuckles. 
He was jumping all around just making Leo chuckle that little bit more.
I worried that Leo may get scratched and thought I should retrieve him quickly.
But I stood there watching the baby monitor.

Eventually I retrieved him, Leo was so excited about the kitten's adventure in his room.
There had been no accidental scratches in all of the excitement. 
In fact Tigger seems to be incredible with Leo for the most part, 
it's just me and Luke that get the excited scratches.
In 5 weeks we have had one accidental scratch, and Leo didn't even cry.
He did however get his very first plaster as the scratch fell right where his sandals do up.

It hasn't all been plain sailing though. 
There have been moments that Leo has lost his temper and lashed out,
sometimes raising his foot as if he intended to kick poor Tig.
In each instance he has been told in no uncertain terms that it wasn't acceptable behavior.
I needn't have worried though, Tigger soon showed Leo how he wouldn't tolerate it.

Tigger wrapped himself around Leo's leg and showed him with his pointy teeth and needle type claws, exactly why you shouldn't take your temper out on a cat.
Of course Leo let out a little squeal and demanded his 'Mumma' be by his side. 
Tigger did it in such a way that there was no scratch, no awchie to kiss better. But it certainly left Leo with a lesson learned at the end of it.

For the most part Leo and Tigger get along like a house on fire. 
They follow each other's lead.
Leo pretends he is a kitten, and crawls around on the floor.
Leo laughs as Tig eats a fly and chases a spider, he laughs when his not so little kitten mis-judges a jump and takes a little tumble.
Leo has perfected his 'meow' so that he can join in the vocal sing song.

And most importantly he is enjoying the experience of having a family pet. 
He is bonding and learning how to behave with an animal. 
He is learning to love his furry friend and I can see them being the very best of friends as they continue their mischievous ways, together.


  1. Such a beautiful Bengal cat! Totally adorable. I am crazy about cats LOL. And Leo is cute too of course. Leos giggle on the video is infectious lol, bless him.
    Lovely post xx

  2. awww such a cute post. We got Bunny a cat when she was about 18 months. She used to carry the poor thing round upside down. They are best of friends and Nala sleeps on Bunnys bed every night. X


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