Sunday 28 July 2013

The Boy Next Door

Oh to be 2 years old again...

Young, innocent and running with the whole world at your feet.

It's so easy to make friends at 2.

You can simply walk up to the fence dividing your garden from the next and stare through the small gap into next door's garden. 

There is no worry that new people won't like you. You don't even think about it. You don't know any different.

I guess that is why it is all so easy..So natural and lovely to perceive. 

You don't worry about standing at that gap in the fence watching the neighbours eat their dinner in the glorious sunshine, and they don't seem to mind you shouting about all the things you can see as you stare in, or the words you repeat after their children...

'Football' 'Dad' 'Mum' 'What!'

You can shout 'found you' from the top of your slide as you continue to stare innocently into their patch of green. Finally the little boy spots you after all of your attempts to make contact with him. 

You can get excited and use your words to talk to him. 
'Cat, Meow' 

He's a bit older than you but he seems just as excited by you, as you do him.

You and the kitty stand there together both as inquisitive as each other. Both wanting to be involved in the laughter on the other side. 

You can sneakily widen the peep hole so that you can pass toys back and forth with the young boy who has now become the reason you love to go into the garden.

You can laugh like a mad man when the kitty escapes through the now very wide peep hole.

You can tell Mummy to take the fence down, just so you can see your new friend better. 

You pout when Mummy explains that this just isn't possible. 

You get home from a day at Granny's and instantly shout 'where are you'. your telling me you wish to go outside. You want to see your little friend.

It's amazing how you both stand there at that peep hole for as long as you do. 

Captivated by each other, two little boys wanting to tear down the fence and play.

Maybe the time has come to see if the boy next door would like to come over to see you. 

Maybe it is time you meet face to face.


  1. Oh bless him, I think a play date is in order!

  2. This is a really lovely post Laura. I love the photo of the cat and of him peeking through! I used to do that when I was little! x


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