Monday 29 July 2013

The New H&A Bath Time Range

Bath time is a time that comes once every day in our house, as Leo has got older it has become increasingly apparent to me that it really is an essential time of the day.

Leo seems to have a way about him that encourages anything and everything dirty to stick to him. It is almost as though he is a magnet and the dirt is being pulled by a polarised attraction. Dare I tell you about the day a week or so ago that I actually put him in WHITE linen trousers? Dare I tell you about what happened less than 5 minutes after I put them on him? 

Juice... That is what happend.

Then of course the grass stains followed...

Bath time... Yes bath time happens every day in our house.  

At this moment in time Leo isn't really enjoying his baths. He has gone back to standing and refusing to sit, so I am always on the look out for ways to encourage him to sit down in the tub. As luck would have it he has recently got really into Disney films and cartoons, so we are entering a whole new stage of persuasion that I can use to my advantage. 

Character merchandise!

H&A have launched a new soft and gentle range to get your mucky pup through the bubble and squeak that is bath time, and out the other side looking like prince charming! There are some really well known characters in the new line up:

- Thomas & Friends
- Minnie Mouse 

The new range has been specially formulated for our little people. I have used products with Leo in the past and with his sensitive skin it has completely dried it out, but these bubbles have been nothing but kind to his skin. The fun character designs mean that our growing babies can start to move away from the traditional baby bath ranges, and even start to pick their favourite cartoon characters!

Each of the character selections have a Soft and Gentle Shampoo and Bubbly Bath to complete the bath time experience. We have been asked to try out these new products with Leo, and picked the lovable Finding Nemo to help us along on our daily cleaning ritual.  

Leo has loved pointing out Nemo on the packaging and has even helped pour the bubbles into his bath. You only need a drop of the bubble bath for a nice frothy bath, and as Leo always points the bubbles out I know he was suitably impressed! Fitting in with bath time at present Leo decided that he wasn't going to sit down at all which made getting photos of him rather difficult. 

The shampoo lathers up perfectly and you don't need much at all, of course Leo was very pleased about this as having his hair washed is by far the worst thing about bath time. What is great about the shampoo is that it doesn't run, and saves those little eyes from the soapy bubbles that occasionally drop in to say hello.

As a parent of a child who does react to certain bath products I think the new h&a range is fun and perfect for Leo's needs. I like that there is a subtle fragrance to both the bubble bath and the shampoo but is not too over powering, and is the perfect sign of a freshly washed bubba who is ready to head to bed. 

H&A is currently running a Try me, love me, money back guarantee on this new bath time range. All you have to do is pick up a pack featuring a special sticker in your local Sainsbury’s store, and give the products a go for yourself. At £2.00 each per item I think it is very competitively priced, especially for the characters featuring on the bottles.

If your little one is at a age where they can tell you which character they would rather choose, let them! It may make bath time that little bit easier. In hind sight I think that Leo would have probably chosen the Thomas & Friends after he has recently fallen in love with 'Choo Choo's'.

You can keep up to date with H&A on their Facebook Page and of course their official website.

Happy splashing!


  1. I know exactly what you mean about dirt magnet, I have one if those :)

    1. It seems to sense them, and viola dirt plastered child x


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