Sunday 7 July 2013

This Sunny Weekend We...

Summer has finally descended upon us. 

I write this post with a lovely shade of red upon my shoulders. The lobster look that tells me I probably shouldn't have started pulling weeds from the garden this weekend.

Leo has spent each day in and out of the paddling pool, watering the garden with his watering can and eating ice lolly after ice lolly (or Oio Oio Oio as he has been calling them).

He has been known to peep through the hole in the fence to spy on the neighbours kids as they have played out in the garden. Leo has stood and listened to every word they have said and then in typical parrot style, repeated word for word back to them. 

We accidentally discovered how fast the slide can be when you are soaking wet, and enjoyed it so much that we just had to do it all again! 

We have bought our first pair of sun glasses and actually enjoyed wearing them. 

We have had our first little cat scratch that required Leo's very first ever plaster to be applied just so that it didn't rub against his sandals.

We have ridden on our balance bike and taken in the glorious sunshine... and then of course retreated back to the paddling pool!

This weekend we even ventured to the Forest of Dean with Leo's Granddad for a whole new adventure. We hired bikes and a child cart and took off into the great un-known. All be it with a less than happy 2 year old who was not sold on the whole cart aspect, but less than 5 minutes in the crying was replaced with giggles from the bumpety bumps. With that said...I could have done with sitting in the cart on the way back...

Today on the hottest day of the year, I had the only child in the world who still wanted to snuggled up with his blankie. Leo was sweltered and even when he fell asleep in the car and I took blankie off of him, the little terror awoke and pulled it back over him! 

I can think of no worse comforter at this time of year then a cot duvet...

This entire weekend has been dedicated to the great outdoors. We have marveled at the sun as it has been a rather long time since we last saw one another. 

Sunshine, please stick around.

We have much more planned for you yet!


  1. Its been lovely hasnt it..i was so close to buying that swimsuit for Rio but got the monkey one
    WTPP - The little lady with a baby!

    1. Summer has to be my favorite time of year x


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