Sunday 28 July 2013

The Mega Blok First Builders Review

I have been meaning to pick up a Mega Bloks set for Leo for quite some time now, but The Entertainer saw we were lacking and not getting our act together quickly enough, and sent out a selection for Leo to have a play with. 

Leo was sent a few toys from the First Builders range, a new range developed to promote fun learning, physical development and creativity. In our goodie box we had 3 toys to get playing with:

- The Big Building Bag - RRP £15.00

- The ABC Spell Bloks - RRP £10.00 - At the time of writing 
this review they are on offer at £7.50

- Dylan Dump Truck - RRP £10.00

The First Builders range have lovely chunky blocks that are easy for little hands to assemble and are really simple for them to stack and build with. Leo wasted no time in getting the bloks out of their bag and enjoyed building the bloks up tall, only to knock them all down again moments later. The same can be said for when I got slightly engrossed in building a tower...He knocked those down too.

I have lost Leo to the building bloks on multiple occasions and he thoroughly enjoys playing builder, building up high and building down low. The ABC Spell Bloks are really great for kids learning their letters, or just if you wish to make those first introductions with the kids. The bigger bloks have pictures on them and then of course the smaller bloks have letters, this allows you to show little ones how to spell the name of the image.

For instance...

Out of the entire selection of toys that was sent over there is one very firm favourite. Dylan Dump Truck.

Dylan is exactly what Leo would have picked should he have been wandering around the toy shop himself. He is bright and most importantly...He has wheels. Anything and everything with wheels these days is sure to be a hit with Leo, and add in some building bloks for good measure and you have an instant playtime hit.

Dylan is perfect for toddlers from the age of 1 and up, he will appeal to them through the bright colours and big friendly smiley face. 

 The truck bed can be loaded with the six included blocks or even with the small Timmy Sheep plush Leo has taken to popping in the back, I have to admit I did take a double glance on the first occasion this happend... The truck is easily gripped by small hands along the top and sides of the truck and continues to come out to play on a daily basis. 

I think Mega Bloks are great to encourage little ones to 'build' and 'construct' from a young age, I know as a child I adored building blocks and even had my very own set of Mega Bloks. It is great to see Leo enjoying a classic range of toys that have been improved for a whole new generation of little monsters.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above selection of Mega Bloks for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.


  1. What a fab review. These look great, they'll be perfect for my little boy (when he's old enough that is, he's only 3 months at the moment.). My Husband is a massive Lego addict, so I just know my little boy, Ethan, will be in to building and playing with blocks as he starts to play. X

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