Friday 12 July 2013

Now That You Are 2...

Now you are two you seem so much bigger.
Surprising me each day with new words that you hear.
Just today you said 'Yes please' for the very first time,
right after I said it to the lady in the post office.
I had to double take to make sure I had heard you correctly, 
but you said it clear as day. 
Even the post office lady agreed.

You still need at least one nap a day,
and on some days we can still squeeze in a morning nap 
as well as one in the afternoon.
On days like today where we don't fit in any, 
you become the grumpiest toddler in the world.
You demand milk and blankie and refuse to eat your dinner. 
Your latest party trick is headbutting objects, 
tables, chairs or whatever you think may grab my attention.

You will soon work out beautiful boy that this will continue to hurt your head,
but that blank look I give you when I do glance over will not be the attention you crave.
Since you turned two your temper tantrums have indeed been spiking on the terrible two richter scale,
but through the head banging, the tears and the ear piercing shrieks, I will always stand you back up on your own two feet again.

Now you are two you are telling me more so what you want, and exactly what you do not want.
We seem to cross wires when you tell me you want Macca Pacca and really want Mike the Knight. 
You are biting holes in your milk bottle teats again... 
Then complaining that the milk isn't flowing as you would like.
Little man we really wont be buying any new teats now that you are two...
My advice is stop chewing them as once they are gone...They really are gone this time.

You are experiencing your first proper summer, 
getting the chance to play in the paddling pool and relax under the sizzling sun.
You are discovering ice lollies and water slides, 
and hating when Mummy slathers you in sun cream. 
Each new day is a new adventure, and you were so excited when Tigger joined you outside for the very first time today.
Tigger chased you, you chased Tigger.
in and out of your pop up play house, 
around the garden until Tig disappeared into the confinement of the bush.

Since you turned two you have tuned in more to the way your body works,
if your enjoying some nappy free time you tell me when you need a wee.
You say 'Mumma' and look down between your legs, 
and I ask you pronto if you need a nappy on, 
because I know you will refuse the potty or accidently pee on the floor.
You tell me 'Yes' that you do need a nappy, and then lie down on the floor
as good as gold for me to put it on.
The next step is trying to convice you about the potty, 
but you are doing so well with knowing when you need to go.

One small step at a time...

Since you turned two Leo you have taken to calling out the anatomy of Mummy.
Just the other day in the middle of a supermarket you grabbed my top and shouted at the top 
of your voice 'BALLS'.
I have to thank you very much for going around the supermarket 
grabbing handfulls of 'BALLS'.
I am sure you made the day of the other shoppers!


  1. I keep looking at my boys thinking how are you so big!?! Middle man hates sun cream shouting you are burning me mummy!

  2. Aww bless....He sounds adorable!


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