Wednesday 3 July 2013

The a B. Creative You Hue Review

Leo and I are John Crane Ambassadors for the Summer of 2013.

We have been un-able to contain our excitement after last months review of the Tidlo Animal Sorting Cube and the build up to this months...

This month Leo and I are inviting you to come and take a seat with us, as Leo demonstrates his arty skills on his You Hue. The You Hue is essentially a miniature children's desk that comes equipped with 10 chunky marker pens that are perfect for little hands!

The You Hue provides your toddler a flat space to work on while he picks from an array of marker pen colours, and even has a storage compartment under the work space. I have found it a great hideaway to store paper for Leo so that we can get a new piece out as soon as he has coloured the entirety of the previous piece. This storage space is also a great place to store past works of art before they make it onto the fridge.

Leo has been spending a lot of his time at this desk, either rolling his toy cars along it or with his pens in hand as he draws up his next wonderful creation. The desk is the perfect height for a toddler to sit or kneel on the floor, and has 6 pen holders along the back of the table. These pens are easily accessed by the budding young artist during his creative moments, and it is really great to see him so involved in what he is doing.

I have to admit that when I saw the marker pens I was a little bit wary, after all my little man has been known to get creative everywhere but on the paper before now...But I am pleased to report that we have had no 'instances', but that could be down to my watchful eye. It was only the other week that Leo took my liquid eyeliner and un-twisted the lid so that he could flick the contents of the bottle all over my bedroom walls...That was one creative moment that I couldn't quite wipe off the walls quickly enough!

On either side of the desk you will find more storage space, space that I have been using to hide marker pens in so that Leo can't sneak over and create another master piece on my walls... This may be over cautious but I like to air on the possibility! The marker pens included in this lovely set our non-toxic and washable (off people, I wouldn't like to say how they would fair on the play room walls...You will have to try this for yourself!). I have had no problems getting any pen marks off Leo's hands, and it is nothing a good soak in the bath won't sort out. 

The You Hue is suitable from the age of 2 (Leo turned 2 a week ago) and I think this is a fair guideline. The only thing is Leo can be a little rough with the markers and I am worried that he will damage the tips of the pens, so I have been very thoughtful and been handing him the colours he want's to work with, taking the lid off and keeping it safe until he has finished with it, and then I pop the lid back on and hand him the next colour.

As you can see from some of these photos, Leo's kitten is also very keen on the You Hue. In fact I could have saved lot's of money on kitten toys as Tigger actually likes all of Leo's toys! In these photos our curious little kitty is chasing Leo's hand as he draws his latest piece.

I think the You Hue is really great and it has given Leo a little space of his own to create something of his own, something that he really enjoys. I love watching him beam his big beautiful smile as he shows me his latest drawing, just as much as he loves my reaction when I exclaim just how amazing it is.

You can purchase the a B. Creative You Hue at Amazon for £24.99 at the point of writing this review. If your little one loves drawing and wants a little space to sit and do just that with a set of really great markers, I highly recommend the You Hue.

Disclaimer: I was sent the You Hue for the purpose of this review as a John Crane Ambassador 2013. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.


  1. I love the look of this, my daughter would love this, she loves drawing. The price is really good too.xx


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