Sunday 28 July 2013

Summer Holiday's

I have spent the last couple of months saving hard, saving for a holiday to Cyprus for my little family of three.  It will come as no surprise to you all to hear that holidays do not come cheap, and if you add a 2 year old to the equation they become dearer still.

We have made a few sacrifices in order to be able to jet off on our holidays this year, those takeaway treats have been supplemented for home cooked meals and those rare trips to the cinema have stopped all together.

Instead of day trips to the farm park and the zoo we have been sourcing local family fun, trips to the park and enjoying the great outdoors has really helped us out; of course this beautiful weather couldn’t have come at a better time. The heat wave has meant that we can happily relax out in the garden with the paddling pool as Leo splashes in and out.

Where I would usually head out to the shops in search of a whole new summer wardrobe to pack into my awaiting suitcase, I have resisted the urge to spend and will be taking last year’s summer clothes instead. Of course where I can get away with last year’s clothing Leo cannot, not with the rate he grows! This year Leo was in need of an entire new summer wardrobe, so I have been hitting up Primark for bargain summer clothes that he can take away on his holidays.

You can only plan so far ahead, and when travelling abroad it is good to go in with your eyes wide open. I have been looking into the best credit cards that I could possibly use abroad in case of an emergency or a un-foreseen cost sneaks up on us. Luckily for me my credit report on the preview site is on side, and I will be travelling with the added peace of mind that I have that extra back up behind me should push come to shove.

You only need to look back to April 2010 when the volcano erupted in Southern Iceland, to see just how quickly circumstances can change. That one volcano and the prolonged ash cloud caused dramatic flight cancellations throughout the world. I was actually in Egypt at the time and my holiday was extended by a few days until we were picked up on a rescue flight. Luckily for Luke and I we were covered by our tour operator, those who had booked the hotel and their flights independently were not as lucky. They had to pay the hotel for the duration they were stuck there; they had to pay for their food and even their eventual flight back home again.

It just goes to show that you can never be prepared for every eventuality.

But you can try.

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