Wednesday 17 July 2013

A Sunny Evening In The Garden

With Summer finally here we have been making the most of the sunny days and the long evenings.
Tonight has been spent like most other nights.
Spending time in the great outdoors with the sun still beaming down on us at 7pm.
Late for bathtime.
Late for bedtime.

Only tonight I had the camera with me to snap some of the excitement.

Leo and Tigger chasing each other around.
The laughter as Leo dangles long grass for Tig to paw.
Leo following Tig in and out of the playhouse, 
Tig pouncing on Leo as he enters the play tunnel.
More laughter.

The moment Leo decided to run down the slide instead of slide...
Then of course climbing back up again despite being told not to...again.
The cat playing in the dirt.
Leo following the cat into the flower bed.

Leo standing on top of the slide to have a little chat with the little boy next door.
Telling him all about his cat.
All about Tigger's meow.

Stolen moments outside, when really the toddler should have been tucked up fast asleep in bed.
Stolen moments that were so worth the price of delaying the mundane bedtime routine.
That can wait for another night.


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