Wednesday 22 June 2016

Decorating your home with Scandinavian Posters

Desenio Scandinavian Posters and Prints,

Recent blog posts have been giving you a glimpse into the over all theme of the new home that Leo and I will be creating together in the not so distant future. You will notice a modern theme and the use of monochrome. This is a theme I have always loved, and now I am finding myself in a position where I can decorate the exact way that I want, and I can really put my mark on our home. 

This really does excite me, because in the old house it was a case of just making do with the boring walls that would have really benefited from a lick of paint and a feature wall or two. With this in mind, and the excitement bubbling I am excited to share with you one of the ways I will be kitting my new home out with modern stand out art.

I recently found and fell head over heels with Desenio

Desenio are a Swedish company who have just opened up their web shop to us here in the UK. It was founded back in 2010 by Martin and Helena Blomgvist who both have a great passion for design, home decor and of course art. Today in 2016 they work hard to offer us all trendy, affordable posters and art prints.

As soon as I logged onto the website and started looking through the sea of prints, I knew straight away that I was going to have to implement them into my home, the posters and frames tied in perfectly with the theme I am trying to achieve.

I have always longingly looked at the gallery walls and beautiful Typography that people have in their homes, and I have longed to be able to put together a gallery wall of Scandinavian Posters and Prints of my very own. I opted for a simple theme with words and pictures that resonated with me, words I believe it is important to live by and either side of these life rules I wanted strong women to symbolize indifference. To show that it's ok to be an individual and do what makes YOU happy. I chose a really lovely Pink Flamingo that will join the prints on this wall, above the '&'. For the moment the wall space is limited and it will have to wait until we move to be completely put together.

Desenio Scandinavian Posters and Prints,

Why a Pink Flamingo? Well I like the idea that when you change your thoughts anything is possible, and thoughts are often a little bit like dreams, so a Pink Flamingo just seemed to slot into place in the grand scheme of things. 

Desenio Scandinavian Posters and Prints,

When we do move I will be featuring these in the living room on the wall behind the sofa. I will then place a big mirror on the other side of the room so that it reflects the gallery wall and opens up the room. 

The website was so easy to use and there is such an incredible selection of different posters and frames to choose from. I quite honestly sat for a fair few hours going through all of the different prints. There are a number of different sizes available so it's important to look at what wall space you have available and do some measuring up before you order, just to make sure you don't order prints/frames that are too big or small for the available space. 

Desenio Scandinavian Posters and Prints,

I picked the sizes on the prints that I decided upon and then went through to the shopping cart where I could see the list of all the sizes I had decided upon. In another tab I opened up the Desenio frames and systematically went through making sure I ordered a frame for each of the prints I was ordering.

Desenio Scandinavian Posters and Prints,

The delivery arrived quickly and was incredibly well packaged. It took me a good amount of time to get all of the frames un-wrapped (which of course is a positive thing!) and they were all in perfect condition. All the prints arrived in a tube for safe keeping and it was just a case of taking them out and placing them in the perspective frames. 

They all looked so great even before I had begun to hang them on the wall, and to say that I love my new gallery wall is a complete understatement. I cannot wait to get this all set up in the new house, and I will be sure to update this post with pictures once everything is complete, because it is going to look amazing!

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