Monday 13 June 2016

I Always Knew You Would Be Trouble

Solimar Aquamarine Hotel Crete

Ever since you came along little man, you have enabled me to find new ways to get myself in trouble. When I say enabled me... I mean YOU. To explain what I mean by this I am going to have to share a few of the most recent stories, and when I say stories... I mean recent events. Events that have taken place. Situations that YOU have orchestrated. 

Over the May half term we spent the week in Crete, it was a holiday we had all been really looking forward to. A chance to unwind and push aside the mundane responsibilities of everyday life. It meant a week of no school, no pulling our hair out over getting out of the house on time, or trying to coerce you into reading (in other words attempting to get blood to come out of a stone!). It was a week spent by the pool with lots of laughter. 

Of course it wasn't all that straight cut little Leo, I mean we both know that without a little drama we would have been in for a very boring week. The first spout of drama came in the form of Mummy (and yourself Leo) forgetting your rather famous comfort blanket and new little friend Sheep. The moment of realisation struck like a bolt of lightening as we drove out of Worcestershire. I knew I had to tell you before you asked for it later that day, I knew you were going to be angry, but being upfront and honest with you was definitely the right thing to do. Suffice to say you were angry. Very angry. So angry in fact that you refused to talk to me for the entire hour and a half ride to the airport, you couldn't even bring yourself to look at me! However when that was behind us, you were so grown up about the entire situation, and you went the whole week without both of your comforters for the first time in history! 

Solimar Aquamarine Hotel Crete

You were so well behaved for the entirety of the flight, you shone so bright on the transfer to the hotel, and you were an absolute joy to be around. Everyone thought so, in fact even when you were being mischievous you were far from naughty. This brings me to the story I wanted to tell you, we had just finished dinner, and as always you and Josh had hopped up as soon as you had finished and headed straight out to the park. It was no problem, we could see you the entire time. I followed you out as we were all planning on taking a stroll down to the beach front to take in some fresh air. 

The hotel was situated on a rather large slope, and parked on that slope were 2 or 3 golf buggies. The hotel used them to get loads around the many different rooms you see. Of course to two little boys (of course I mean yourself and Josh little man..) this was the greatest thing in the entire world. I mean there was nothing stopping either of you climbing inside...

Solimar Aquamarine Hotel Crete

Solimar Aquamarine Hotel Crete

Solimar Aquamarine Hotel Crete

So there you both were, you in the front and Josh in the back. I stood there and watched you both pretending to drive the carts around the establishment. Suddenly I heard a loud *CLICK* and watched as you removed your hand off the hand break. It was as though everything suddenly transformed into slow motion. The cart veered backwards and before I knew what I was doing. I had assembled the superhero positon and had automatically grabbed hold of the golf buggy to stop it verandaring off down the slope!

Solimar Aquamarine Hotel Crete

In hind sight I didn't know whether or not I could hold the cart. It could have just as easily knocked me flying. We were very lucky, and I was so glad I could hold the cart into position and instruct you both to hop back out. It all happened so quickly, and you were both out and on solid ground again in a matter of seconds. I however was still stood in a squat like position with both arms supporting the runaway golf cart. I was there until Heather saw the commotion from the top of the hill, she bounded down and I told her that she needed to pop the handbrake back into position as I could't move until it was secured again.

Both of you boys thought you were going to be in big trouble, but it really was just a silly mistake, and really these things should have been locked up in the first place. Once everyone was safe and the cart was secure, I couldn't help but chuckle about the ordeal. I couldn't have even written it if I had tried. and what a story for your 18th birthday... That time you and your nephew tried to steal a golf cart. 

Although you have informed me that you weren't trying to steal it. You only wanted to borrow it for a ride, and you had fully intended to return it...

I couldn't help smile about your mischievous adventure that evening, and when I called Daddy that night to tell him what you had been up to that day, you couldn't ignore the chuckle that ensued down the phone. You could almost hear the Cheshire cat smile that I could in-vision spreading over the whole of his face and making his eyes twinkle. 

There is absolutely no mistaking who's son you are little man, I know for a fact that Daddy was just like you back in the day. 

I always knew you were going to be trouble.
A big ball of squishy beautiful trouble.

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