Tuesday 28 June 2016

Lunch with Madeleine Shaw & British Turkey

Madeleine Shaw recipe tasting
Most of you who have been following this blog for a while know that I love all things health and fitness, from the food through to working out, I love it all. I have shared my fitness journey over the last few years, and shared some weird and wonderful food creations, so you won't be surprised to discover one of my biggest passions is cooking up healthy, delicious food because I think that enjoying what you are eating is so incredibly important. 

Last week I was invited to London to meet with British Turkey and Madeleine Shaw to discuss the benefits of cooking with turkey. I was really excited about this because I already cook with Turkey, it is my meat of choice. If there is a choice between Chicken and Turkey, I instinctively pick the Turkey, I always find that it is leaner and less fatty, which makes prepping the meat so much easier for me as I have to cut all of the fat away before I use the breast or steak. Of course if you are cooking with chicken, I often don't have as much meat left as I would of liked. Where as with the turkey, sometimes I don't even need to trim the meat beforehand. 

I find that Turkey works perfectly with absolutely everything as it is so versatile, it holds the flavour and makes a tasty and healthy meal. 

Madeleine Shaw Shredded Turkey Salad

Asparagus and Parmesan Tart

So that's why I personally love Turkey, and I was really looking forward to seeing 2 of the 4 new turkey recipes that Madeleine has created for British Turkey on the day. For those of you who may not be familiar with Madeleine, Madeleine is a holistic nutritional health coach, author of Ready Steady Glow, blogger, healthy chef and intends to help us all enliven the hottest, healthiest and happiest YOU. 

The 4 recipes that Madeleine has lovingly created for British Turkey are below, and I highly recommend giving them a try!

Madeleine Shaw

I knew as soon as Madeleine pulled out a big bag of Kale that I was in good company, and she started to prepare the Shredded Turkey Salad. It's so full of colour and flavour from the pomegranate seeds through to the Avacado. I loved this salad so much that I put it together for the entire family upon getting home the following day. 

I have also gone one step further and used the Miso salad dressing as a stir fry sauce!

The second recipe that Madeleine demonstrated on the day was the Turkey Schnitzel, and this recipe is one that I will most definitely cooking up at home. This Schnitzel is a little different to the conventional one, and that is why I love it. You see this Schnitzel is green, it's green because it's packed full of goodness in the form of Parsley, and the fact that the coating for this particular recipe calls for ground almonds and oats instead of flour. 

Madeleine Shaw Recipe Tasting

With the demonstrations over (and everyone having enjoyed the food that had been cooked up) it was time for everyone to enjoy a very special lunch with Madeleine Shaw and the rest of the British Turkey team. 

Madeleine Shaw Recipe Tasting
It was such a special day and an absolute privilege to sit down to lunch with Madeleine who I have been following for such a long time, and of course a brand that I love. The food was incredible, and it was amazing to witness people who haven't tried cauliflower rice before, enjoying their very first taste. There was not an individual at that table who did not enjoy the incredible meal that had been presented to us. 

The curry is one of the best curry's I have tasted, and I am considering trying to cook this up for dinner this evening (with the cauliflower rice of course!). When you think of curry, you definitely don't believe it to be a hearty and healthy meal, but this is a perfect example of how you don't need to compromise on taste, or skip things out of your diet, you can eat well and enjoy it.

Madeleine Shaw Recipe Tasting
If you haven't tried cooking with Turkey yet (Christmas does not count guys!) then next time you are in the supermarket, reach for the pack of turkey instead. Try one of these recipes to get you started and see what you think, because I know that you will be very surprised. 

A huge thank you to British Turkey and Madeleine Shaw for the demonstration and making me feel so welcome. 

It was lovely to meet you all!

Madeleine Shaw Ready Steady Glow
Disclaimer: I was invited along to the event, provided with lunch and a goody bag. All thoughts and opinions are completely honest and my own.


  1. For shame we never eat turkey - except at Christmas! But we do often eat chicken so I need to think about substituting it more.

  2. My boys also prefer Turkey and I will have to give these recipes a try.

  3. I don't really buy turkey much but having read this, i really should give it a try. The food looks amazing.

  4. I love turkey and I wish we would buy it more often. The food looks really good indeed!

  5. What a fun looking event to be part of. I am also a kale fan so that particularly sounds great.

  6. I only really use turkey for stir fries and at christmas. Really should eat it more often as these recipes sound delicious

  7. I absolutely love Turkey so I'm going to give these a try, they look delicious x

  8. I must admit I don't often buy turkey these days. Must ask my current butcher if I can buy a turkey crown from him.

  9. I never have turkey for Christmas, as I don't like it roasted, but it's lovely in a stir fry!


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