Friday 10 June 2016

Feeling confident in Summer

It finally feels like Summer has arrived here in the UK, and over the last couple of weeks I have been able to wear my hot pants on an almost daily basis. Instead of reaching for my jeans and a warm jacket, I am finally pairing those short shorts with a tee, taking little man to school and coming back to crack on with some work in the garden. 

Being able to bring the laptop outside and relaxing in the sun writing up posts is by far the best feeling you can have at work. A cup of coffee to the side of me, legs catching some rays all rolled into a day in the office. 

Not bad going eh?

2 years ago this month I was dreading the summer, I was carrying a bit of extra weight back then and the thought of having to put my legs into a pair of shorts, or worse...A bikini filled me with dread to the very pit of my stomach. I longed to wear crop tops and short shorts, but at that moment in my life it quite simply wasn't going to happen. I really was at my lowest and my confidence was at rock bottom. 

I decided to make a change so that I could feel confident in the clothes I longed to wear, so I felt good in them. It's amazing what 2 years can do to your confidence, self esteem and your BODY! Just by cleaning up my diet and finding a exercise routine that worked for me, I lost 2 stone, 2 dress sizes and toned up my body. Today I long for summer, I feel happy, confident and love an excuse to get my short shorts out to play! 

Kayla Itsines Transformation

Summer makes me want to shop, I love the dresses, I love the shoes and the crop tops, the cute tee's and that's before I have even got started on the play suits! I do the majority of my shopping online as I find that there is so much more choice, I can walk down the high street and find absolutely nothing that catches my eye, I log online and suddenly I don't have enough money to fund my clothing lust! 

I recently discovered Lyst, they are a fashion tech company based in London and New York (two of my favourite places!) and they offer a shopping experience that is tailored to each unique visitor that enters the site. Let's face it, my taste will not be the same as yours and vice versa, so what I want to see popping up on my screen, won't reflect what you would want to see. The website learns about your shopping habits as you shop, and the more you use it, the more you start to see things that really relate to you, completely tailoring your shopping experience to YOU!

In addition to this rather incredible form of online shopping, you can also lyst the items you like to plan wardrobes, entire outfits and wish lists. If there is something that you really love but it's out of stock at that precise moment in time that you want to pop it in your basket you can lyst it so that they alert you the moment it comes back into stock. 

I have lost the last few hours today oggling over all of the beautiful dresses that are currently featuring on Lyst, there is absolutely something for every occasion, but I decided it would be fun to share my top 10 dresses for Sumer 2016 with you.

So here we go...

My Favourite Lyst Dresses for Summer

1. Sachin & babi Cuba Short Sleeve Fitted Dress

2. Timo-Weiland Danielle Dress Blue

3. Bridge & Burn Green Fleer Dress

4. Krisa Surplice Flounce Dress

5. Jonathan Simkhai Cutout Trim Shirt Dress

6. Mara Hoffman Cross Front Mini Dress

7. Marysia Swim 'mott' Scalloped Halterneck Dress - Yellow

8. Solace London Alana Mini Dress

9. Pinko Pink Women's Dress

10. Alice & Olivia Yellow 'Pacey' Floral Lace Lantern Dress

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