Wednesday 8 June 2016

The Shimmer Rug Review

It's almost 2 years since I moved back to the family home with Leo, and I don't even really know where to begin with everything that has happened in the last 24 months. There have been up's and downs, high's and low's, but there have also been so many incredible moments that I just wish I could bottle up and keep with me forever. 

Right now Leo and I are preparing for a new adventure. Were in the process of planning a house move. A new home for Leo and I, so that we can finally take our lives off hold and start living again. To say that we are excited doesn't quite sum up that butterfly feeling that takes hold of my insides whenever I think about all that is to come. Leo alone is so excited that he cannot contain it within himself, and I don't think that is just because we have decided to add a puppy dog to our household when we are all settled in! 

The last couple of months have passed in a blur of getting all of the new items we will need for our new home, everything that we brought back from the old house has seemingly been tested by matter of time spent in the garage, and I have had to get rid of pretty much all of it. This meant that I was pretty much starting over, and we all know that house hold items don't come cheap when you have to purchase everything for every room...from scratch.

This is why I have started sooner rather than later, as I know very well that if I was to have all of the expenses coming at once, there is no way I could afford to get everything that we need. I only want to have to purchase everything once, so I want to buy the things that we want and like straight off so that we can just get in and start enjoying our new space. 

I have already mentally decorated our future home, I can see it exactly as I want it. I want it to be crisp, modern and ultimately monochrome with a vintage feel, with some nice bright colour's thrown in here and there to add some flashes of vibrancy. 

Vintage Bedroom Furniture

Our house collection is coming together beautifully now, and seeing it all here and ready just makes my tummy do somersaults all over again. We have some beautiful items already, from our black and white chevron cushions, the vintage console table I purchased and the bedroom set I found on eBay for a bargain £60.00! 

As I mentioned earlier, once we are out Leo and I want a puppy. We have set our hearts on a Dalmatian. I have always thought they were beautiful dogs, and I want a dog who is up to the task to come out and keep up with my daily exercise routine. Of course Dalmatians shed 365 days a year, so I am taking this into consideration when it comes to kitting the flooring in the house out. The entirety of downstairs will be laminate to make keeping on top of the cleaning an easier feat. 

In the living room I have a gorgeous Black Shimmer Rug at the ready, because although I love the look of laminate, soft carpet or fur underfoot provides you with a luxurious feel that can't be achieved through laminate alone. This Shimmer Rug is absolutely gorgeous, it's thick and incredibly soft. It's the kind of rug you would want laid out before a fire place in the midst of Winter, as the fire burns and you snuggle up on the rug (think Beauty and the Beast). 

The Matalan Shimmer Rug

The Matalan Shimmer Rug

The rug is 100% Polyester Pile and is long lasting and resistant to stains (Think Dalmatian stains!), this is the precise reason I opted for Black as I know that it is going to be easier to keep clean (or at least looking it) over a lighter shade. As we have opted for a creamy corner sofa, I thought the Black would break it up slightly and create a nice contrast between the two.

When we are in our own home the rug will sit before the sofa, the images you see here are in the family home (I think that they will really miss it when we move). Leo has taken to laying down on the rug and loves how it feels when he rolls around on it after he's in his PJ's and is ready for bed. 

We have the 1200 x 1500 rug and it is the perfect size for us, I adore how the sun catches it and creates a gleaming shine, it really is a gorgeous piece. 

The Matalan Shimmer Rug

The Matalan Shimmer Rug

It arrived quickly from and I was provided with updates of it's where about's for the duration of the shipment until delivery, it really was good for peace of mind, and it meant that I could make sure I was in for the delivery. 

When I first unrolled it I got that beautiful new carpet smell, I always loved that. I can remember being walked around the carpet shops as a child with my parents, and it brings back so many memories. 

The Shimmer Rug is available in a selection of colours:
- Champagne
- Mushroom Mink
- Olive
- Mauve
- Black

A number of sizes and prices:
- 800 x 1500 £55.00
- 1200 x 1700 £99.00
- 1600 x 2300 £165.00

The Matalan Shimmer Rug

Over all I am really impressed with the Shimmer Rug and of course's fantastic delivery service. I have since been back online and ordered some more things from for the house, they had some gorgeous porcelain Take Away containers for Chips and Fries (I plan and using them with my Sweet Potato Fries!)

 I can't wait to see all of our lovely new items in our new home, I will be sharing our home improvement series here on the blog when the ball gets rolling, so keep your eyes peeled! 

Disclaimer: I was sent the Shimmer Rug for the purpose of this post. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

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