Wednesday 29 June 2016

Leo turns FIVE

Fifth Birthday

It happened just as everyone warned that it would, time flew. Time really just picked me up, spun me round and dropped me off 5 whole years later. Time was relentless and time really did just tick away, the weeks and months fell away and before I knew it the baby days were just a distant memory, and in my baby boy's place was this little Prince Charming, this little cheeky chappy who has brightened every single day of the last 5 years.

How can it be that one small boy can lighten your heart and give you butterflies like no other? I don't think he really understands the power he has over me and everything that we do, because ultimately I just want him to be happy. So if making him smile means staying up all hours to complete everything needed for a Mario Birthday Party, then you can bet your bottom dollar that that's exactly what I am going to do. 

Leo's birthday this year fell on a Monday, just like it did the day he arrived in the world. Due to this I decided to get his party booked in on the Saturday so that he could have a full weekend to just relax and enjoy himself. It meant that we got to do his friends cards and presents on the Saturday, then on the Sunday we did our gifts with him and realised just how much we had all spoiled that special boy of ours.

Fifth Birthday

There were two things that Leo really wanted for his birthday, a new 2 wheeled scooter because in his words 'I'm a big boy now Mumma. Big boys have 2 wheels! Not 3 wheels!'. I told Leo that I would absolutely love for him to get the new scooter he longed for, but until we moved out it probably wasn't the best idea. Of course I already had a plan up my sleeve and wanted to make sure that the Micro Scooter he has had from a very young age, was upgraded for his special day! 

The second request was a Star Wars Light Saber, it had to be red of course, so I got hunting to find the perfect light saber for my very own storm trooper! 

The scooter had been put together ready as I knew that as soon as he saw the Micro Stunt Scooter he was going to be outside as quick as a shot. As he plodded into the living room on that Sunday morning, his smile took over his entire face. You could see the excitement sparking off of him and he exclaimed 'I have a new scooter! I have a new scooter Mumma! Look!'. He could tell that much just from the way it was wrapped, and it took mere seconds for him to tear the paper away and him to discover the treasure that was waiting beneath.

As expected he headed straight outside, which for me meant that I had to hop on my own scooter at just gone 8am in my pants and the top I slept in! Thank god our post man doesn't come that early in the morning!

The rest of the morning was spent playing with Leo's many amazing birthday presents, one of which the adults seemed to get more enjoyment out of than the kids.. The Wicked Mega Bounce XL which really lived up to it's name, and we managed to get it bouncing higher than the garage roof! Luke was the bigger kid in the end (Luke being my 26 year old other half folks!) and just check out the enthusiasm he put into his efforts..

Wicked Mega Bounce XL

Wicked Mega Bounce XL

Wicked Mega Bounce XL

We spent the morning together as a family which was just lovely. Then I got an un-expected text off Leo's friends Mum who very kindly invited to take Leo over to soft play with her little boy. Leo and his school friend have become as thick as thieves and he was beyond excited to head off with them. As I strapped him into the car to take him over to his friends house for the afternoon, it suddenly dawned on me that this was his very first play date, and the first of what I am sure will be many more to come. 

Leo spent the rest of the afternoon with his friend and their family, it was a weird feeling not having him around at a time when he would usually always be with us, but he came back with so many stories and a very happy face which told me all that I needed to know. They even dropped Leo back at home for me, and the kids got a little bit longer to play together before they went back to school the following morning.

Star Wars Kylo Wren Light Saber

Star Wars Kylo Wren Light Saber

With Monday being Leo's actual birthday, I sent him armed with as many jam tarts as he could carry and couldn't wait for him to come home. At 12:55 I watched the clock to see it hit 12:56 marking exactly 5 years to the very minute that my beautiful boy entered the world. I wondered what he would be doing at school and thought back to those very first moments we shared together all of those years ago.

We took Leo out to Frankie and Benny's with his friend that evening and they were both so over excited and the toilet humor was flowing (Thank you school!) apparently 5 year old's think the word 'poo' is so overwhelmingly funny that it must be added into every other sentence! They were both on their best behavior and treated to a slap up meal full of laughter and each other's company.

So there we have it, another year has passed, and my darling boy is yet another year older. 

Half a decade old already.

Newborn baby boy

Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby boy.
Because despite his age, 
he's always going to be my baby.


  1. Happy 5th birthday! My youngest will be 4 in a few months....time certainly flies. That mega bounce ball looks fab!!

  2. The days are long, but the years are short. Time really does fly and it is hard to believe just how fast they grow up

  3. What a nice post, happy birthday Leo and I love that pic of Luke bouncing with the ball. Mich x

  4. Time really does fly by when you have kids. It's a bitter sweet time for us parents.
    P.S. That is the best bouncing ball I think I've ever ever seen :D


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