Monday 27 June 2016

Today you are 5

39 weeks pregnant labor

5 years ago tonight I was pacing the house. 

It was Sunday 26th June 2011, the day had been long and hot. I was just about to turn 39 weeks pregnant and my feet had ballooned into some sort of un-human form of trotters, and I was being summoned to see the midwife first thing Monday morning. 

Little did I know that the pacing I was performing throughout the night was paving the way to the arrival of the most amazing little boy I could have possibly imagined. It seems impossible to even fathom that 5 years have past, and 5 years ago to the day that I walked the halls before finally heading to hospital around 8am to meet the absolute love of my life. 

Mother and son

Tomorrow my little super star turns 5.

5 years have molded the most caring, funny and clever little boy. Leo's personality boasts the most amazing sense of humour that often see's me falling about laughing, sometimes so hard that the tears fall down my cheek. He's sarcastic, cheeky and down right mischievous. and I wouldn't have him any other way.

Over the years we have weathered storms and embarked on adventure that I have loved sharing with you all on this here blog. We have grown together and become this super team. He knows that he is my entire world, and he knows that there is nothing I would not do for him. Leo is my number one, and I have loved watching him grow into the boy that stands before me today. 

They say time flies when your having fun, and if there is one word that wraps up the years that have past since Leo's arrival it has to be that. Fun. Of course it has been so much more than that though, because we have both grown, both evolved. Both adapted to find our place in this crazy, beautiful world. Sometimes the world spins so fast that it's hard to hold onto, but somehow no matter how fast the world has twirled and whirled, we are still here, were still smiling. 

Were still strong.

Leo Life Unexpected

Tonight as I tooked my 4 year old into bed for the final time, I looked at him. His long hair brushing his face before I brushed it back revealing his beautiful blue eyes. 'I love you to the moon and back' I said as I stood there just looking at him, memorising every detail on his ever changing face. 'I love you to the moon and back too Mumma!' he replied. 

'One more sleep until your birthday little man!' 
'It's taking for ages Mumma! I want to be 5 like my friends!'
'Don't wish your life away baby boy, you will be 5 before you know it'.

While my soon to be 5 year old can't wait to grow up, I just wish I could freeze time. To keep my beautiful innocent boy and keep him all to myself. Leo is growing up, right before my eyes he's growing up.

Leo Life Unexpected

5 years ago tonight I paced the house awaiting the arrival of a baby boy, and tonight I sit at the laptop looking back over an incredible half a decade. 5 years of love, 5 years that have been cherished and lived to the full. 5 years of being a Mother to my little man.

Tomorrow you are 5 Leo, so dream big and sleep tight, because you just wait to see how amazing your next 5 years are going to be! I have big plans for us, and I hope you know just how loved you really are.

Happy Birthday beautiful boy, I am so incredibly proud of you in everything you say, everything that you do. Keep shining bright my boy and there is absolutely nothing you cannot achieve. 

Leo Life Unexpected

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