Tuesday 21 June 2016

The Fogarty Wool Duvet Review

Chevron Duvet Set

Now I don't want to jinx anything... So I won't go into too much detail at this moment in time, but I will say that the move Leo and I have been preparing for over the last couple of months, it may be closer than I imagined. In fact it might be so much closer in fact that I might have been found smiling from ear to ear and trying to resist the urge to jump up and down on the spot! 

Over the last couple of months I really have been keeping myself busy with everything that we are going to need, even just freshening up the things that we already had. One of these items is the duvet I have for my rather luxurious bed. I have had the bed a good few years now, and treated myself to a memory foam mattress at the same time, it is seriously one of the comfiest beds I have slept in, so when I go away I often long for my bed because all of the other's don't compare in the slightest.

The only aspect that let my bed down was the duvet and the duvet cover. 

This is now a thing of the past, and recent weeks has seen my bed get a complete and utter make over in preparation for the move. 
 Fogarty Wool Duvet
The Duvet

The new duvet in the form of the Fogarty Wool Duvet has somewhat changed my life, I have to admit that when I first un-packed the duvet from the box, I was concerned that it would keep me too warm throughout the night. It's a very heavy duvet and you can feel just how luxurious it is before you have even got the duvet linen on, and I was really pleased to discover on that very first night that this duvet was absolute perfection.

The duvet is filled with New Zealand Wool and wrapped up in a cotton cover. If you like thick duvets (just like you find in a really nice hotel) then the Fogarty is for you. I have it in the King Size and it fits absolutely beautifully in the new duvet set I had imported from America. I had a very specific idea in mind and knew exactly what I wanted, I made it my mission to get my hands on a Black and White Chevron Duvet Set. If like me you have tried to get your hands on one within the UK, you will know first hand that they are a rarity.

Chevron Duvet Set

In the end I managed to find my one on eBay, but it meant paying a little more to have it shipped to me here in England, but do you know what? It was absolutely 100% worth it. The Chevron Duvet set just completes my new duvet and when I get into bed each night, it feels absolutely incredible. 

The Fogarty Wool Duvet regulates temperature which means you can FORGET all about the togs. One duvet that regulates your body temperature through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. This is what I was skeptical about in that first instance, but after using this duvet for the last few weeks, I have been so impressed and I couldn't imagine reverting back to my old thin summer duvet that used to get all muddled up inside the duvet cover.

Chevron Duvet Set

I have always loved snuggly duvets, duvets that you can get down under and feel the weight on top of you. Duvets that you can pull and wrap around your leg. I want this feeling all year round regardless of whether it's the middle of Winter or right in the heat of Summer. The beautiful thing about the Fogarty Wool Duvet is that you CAN do all of those things without getting all hot and sweaty, you can still have a thick luxurious duvet regardless of the weather.

Another great aspect for me is that I can actually stick the entire duvet in the washing machine. Having Leo means that he often sneaks into my bed, and there have been instances where he has decided to throw up or accidentally wet the bed (sickness was the death of my old duvet in the end...) and it's fantastic that I can now just stick it in the wash and have it come back out all fresh again.

Chevron Duvet Set

I may still have to look into a mattress protector though if Leo insists on sneaking into my bed in the middle of the night (Ahh the joy's of parenthood).

The Fogarty Wool Duvet can be purchased from Dunelm.

Now everything is coming together, I can really visualize how our new home is going to look. I have excited butterflies tinged with a few little nerves, but I will keep thinking positively, because it is positive thinking that has gotten me this far, and it is only a while now until we start a whole new chapter of our lives.

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