Tuesday 21 June 2016

The BT Home SmartPhone S ll Review

BT Home SmartPhone S

It's not just mobile phones that have evolved over the last 20 years, you only have to take a look at the BT Home SmartPhone S II which happens to look just like a everyday mobile Smart Phone to see exactly how phones have transformed. When I first opened the box to this very smart looking home phone I couldn't quite believe my eyes, it didn't resemble any kind of house phone that I have ever seen before, and if someone had left it off the cradle and lay on the kitchen table, you would easily be forgiven for thinking that it was some super duper new mobile.

Phones in 2016 aren't just cordless, they are colour, they block nuisance calls and even make it possible for you to browse Facebook and Twitter. Does that sound like your house phone?

Of course that's not all you can do with the BT Home SmartPhone S ll, there are some very functionally rich features that make this a very attractive purchase, and I am going to tell you a little bit more about those features right now.

BT Home SmartPhone S

Nuisance Call Blocking - This for me is an essential feature, as these companies have no problems tracking you down, and it's not even a case of going X Directory these days. There are so many ways that you can get in touch with your target audience... So by blocking these calls out right you are re-claiming the power and eliminating the majority of these calls. I find that there is nothing more frustrating than answering the phone and being faced with a long pause... Then of course that's usually followed by the voice of a person who is trying to sell you something. Since we have been using the BT Home SmartPhone we have seen a great reduction in these calls, and I am incredibly thankful for this, and I have to assume that the companies are too... Because I no longer have to put the 4 year old on the other end of the phone!

- DECT Cordless Telephone answering machine - An essential feature as I am always missing telephone calls while i'm sat working at the laptop on one thing or another. I hate breaking my concentration because as soon as I do there is usually no going back because you can guarantee that something else will happen before you make it back to your desk. 

- Wi-Fi connectivity - Now this is a new feature for me on a home phone, and one that I really, really like! It realy was the next logical step wasn't it? Everything else has a WiFi connection, smart phones through to games consoles and televeisions, so why not your house phone?

- 300 Contact storage - This is just super as you can program all of the numbers you use regulary and the essentials that you need, so you can call them at the touch of a button (or touch screen as it may be!).

3.5" capacitive touch screen  - It's a great sized screen and makes it easy to browse all of the other amazing features that our included within this great home handset. The colour is bright and really enchances the usability experience.

- Internet browsing - I admitadly tend to use this feature more when my iPhone is dead or I don't have my tablet to hand, but I can access everything that I want and need via my home phone which I still find amazing.

- Facebook and Twitter pre-installed - These of course are essentials to any blogger, and to be honest, the world. Who doesn't secretly love scrolling through their Facebook timeline or sending out a cheeky tweet? Now you can do it directly from your home phone!

- Apps Opera Mobile store - It doesn't just stop at Facebook and Twitter though, there is an entire store available to get all of your essentials! It runs on Jelly Bean Android OS and comes preloaded with a number of apps and provides the ability to download more!

- Email client - You can even recieve your emails directly to your phone. I have been making use of this a lot more recently since my iPhone decided to give up the ghost and remove all my email accounts (I have a few!) and also sign me out of all social media! 

BT Home SmartPhone S

Finally if all of this wasn't enough, we can't forget to mention the:

- Internet Radio App
- Video and Music player

I have been absolutely loving this tech addition, in fact Leo has been too. No longer does he have to run off with my mobile, he now just takes the home phone! The sound quality is perfect and it really is the best home phone we have ever had, and I still can't believe when I look at it that it is actually a home phone and not a mobile device.

The BT Home SmartPhone S ll costs £149.98 and is available directly from BT.

BT Home SmartPhone S

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