Friday 15 February 2013

19 Months

19 months old is an amazing age, in fact I am loving everything that comes along with toddlerhood. I love that Leo is comprehending the ways of the world and that look that he gives me if I say something foreign to him, a look that says ‘what the hell is she on about!?’

But when Leo is not giving me that one particular look, he is absorbing everything like a little sponge. Taking in everything I tell him and everything I try to teach him.

Recently we have become really good at our animal noises, we can ‘Baa’, ‘Moo’, ‘Oink’, ‘Quack’, ‘Squeak’, ‘Meow’ and of course ‘Woof’. We have been practicing when we go out and about, when we see the animal on the television and it has clicked with my little man. If we so much as see a Dog passing us by he has to say ‘Woof, Woof’ just to let me know, I had never noticed that there were so many dogs down our road!

One subject I have been speaking very passionately about to little Leo recently is cleanliness, and telling him how important it is for him not to play around with the bin because it is ‘dirty’. Dirty is now another word that he tells me whenever he gets into the kitchen and pops the button on the bin to have a little peak inside while telling me ‘bin’ all the while.

With Leo’s understanding of the bin housing rubbish, he will now take any rubbish that he finds around the house (usually ones he has taken and hidden…) and puts it in the bin. He seems to spy it with his curious eyes and then takes it directly into the kitchen and disposes of it in the correct manner. Each time he does it he gets a standing innovation of applause, because he is just too clever for his own good. If I pass him an item of rubbish now and ask him to take it to the bin, he does exactly that!

Although for Leo to get to the bin his has to pass the oven and suffice to say he does get distracted. He opens up my grill and tells me ‘sausages’ like that is the only item of food we ever eat! I can reassure you all now that this is not the case…At this moment in time Leo is just loving the word and he knows that the grill is where we do cook them, if and when we have them. It just demonstrates to me that his memory is coming on in leaps and bounds, expect for when he is supposed to be throwing rubbish in the bin of course!

What’s fascinating is that Leo is still taking everything in even when the conversation is not directed at him, I can be talking away to Luke when Leo will repeat a single word from our conversation back to us, and it really does get me thinking about just how careful I have to be. There have been a few occasions now where Leo has tried to put two words together or repeat longer words back to me, and over the last few weeks his talking has really come on!

Just yesterday I mentioned that I had a message, and my little parrot repeated ‘message’ back to me clear as day. I can’t help feeling really proud of him, and this whole talking lark is one very exciting journey that I am so happy to be a part of.

2013 is already seeing Leo become more vocal with new words coming around daily, his understanding about the things I talk to him about is becoming more apparent and I know that he is going to be a right little chatter box before long!


  1. Dylan is picking up new words every day and attempts to repeat literally everything! I think it is amazing how fast they learn at this age!

    We also have the bin obsession and he loves after a nappy change putting the 'stinky' in the 'bin' and telling me about it!


    1. Haha, bless Dylan. They are picking all sorts up. Having to be so careful what I say these days! x


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