Saturday 9 February 2013

Baker Days - Cakes For Special Occasions

Now I have to admit I am prone to a slice of cake, you could say I am on a special cake diet. I see it and I eat it…and worry about the consequences at a later date.

BakerDays have very recently given me the opportunity to personalise an entire cake from scratch, from the double chocolate chip sponge to the very icing on top! In the theme of Valentine’s day I chose a fitting design ‘Love & Kisses on Valentines Day Luke’.

The aspect that sets this cake aside from any other cake is that it comes through the post and fits through your letter box as would any of your other post. I have to admit that the thought of squeezing a cake through the letter box did sound a little strange to me at the start of my cake journey but the cake arrived well packaged and even survived it’s adventure through the door.

My worry was that the cake would arrive un-fit for consumption after being dropped by postal handlers along the way, but I have to admit that upon seeing the lovely presentation tin the cake was encased in I was very pleased and my mind lay to rest.

The cake looked great, and although it is not massive (it comes through the letter box remember) it is the perfect amount for 2 people. Or if you wanted to gift this to one person, you (I) could very easily eat it (I am not just talking personally am I?)

So I have told you all my shameful secret, you know…seeing cake and eating it and dealing with the consequences later? Well with Luke’s cake now within my grasp…I cut it and ate a slice! Completely shameful I know!

I did share a little with Leo however, so that should ease my conscience surely?

The cake tasted as I expected, yummy. Yes it was very tasty. I did manage to pull myself away though and put the rest of the cake back in the tin and hide it until Luke got home. That’s when the rest of the cake disappeared, while Luke exclaimed his appreciation by ‘umming’ delicious munching sounds throughout.

The Letter Box cake range is priced from £14.99 but dependent upon what recipe you select this price will alter. For the Double Chocolate Chip sponge it adds an additional £2.00 to the final bill, bringing the cake in at £16.99.

I do think that this is a expensive way of buying a cake but I do like the personalisation that goes into it and of course all of the different designs that are available.

So would I buy one?
The answer is yes I would. If there was a special occasion coming up I could justify the price then yes I would. The cake quality is great and it is a really personal little gift that you can eat! *Bonus*

I often give myself a budget like I am sure many of you do, and I would go out and spend this on a bottle of wine or something similar for someone, but I am sure I would get extra brownie points for a cake!

So with Valentines Day coming up why not have a look around the rest of the designs and see what you think?

Disclaimer: I was sent the Letter Box Cake for the purpose of this feature however all views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

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