Sunday 3 February 2013

Dear Homebase...

Dear Homebase,

Back on the 17th December 2012 we placed an order with you for a wardrobe. A wardrobe that was going to take until the 18th January 2013 for you to deliver it, despite this long wait we decided to proceed with the order and booked the time off work to be in for the delivery.

The day before delivery was supposed to take place, I received a text telling me to expect my order between 12:30 and 2pm the following day as arranged. The 18th January brought with it a dusting of snow, and I wondered whether or not the delivery would still take place. I had to guess that it would as I heard nothing from you to say otherwise, and knowing that you had my number I liked to think that you would contact me and let me know if this was not the case. 

So I waited in all day, denying my little boy his first proper experience of the snow as I was worried that I wouldn't hear the front door knock while we were outside! However I shouldn't have worried as you didn't show. You didn't bother to let me know and it was I who had to call you to re-arrange delivery! You wouldn't have got in touch at all.

We re-arranged delivery for the 2nd February 2013, 2 weeks and 3 days since the first failed delivery. 6 weeks and 3 days since our order was first placed with you. 

Of course I cannot argue with the weather, and I don't expect you to be able to predict it, but I sure as hell would appreciate the communication to let me know. But I brushed this under the carpet and told my partner it was ok, that delivery had been re-arranged.

So you can imagine my surprise yesterday while I am waiting in the house expecting a delivery between the hours of 7am - 12pm and nothing arrives. We didn't even receive a text with an expected delivery slot this time. Nothing. Zilch. Especially nothing to say there was a problem and you wouldn't be delivering.

So I called you back up and gave you our order number, only to be told that no delivery had been booked in for the 2nd February and that we were not going to have our wardrobe again, but you could book it back in for delivery on Friday 15th February. 

Friday 15th February is 8 weeks and 1 day since we first placed our order and in my opinion completely unacceptable. I have lost all faith in you as a company and your delivery service. You are wasting my time having me sit in waiting for a parcel that most likely will not turn up.

Your explanation for being out of stock for the wardrobe we ordered back in December, a wardrobe that should have been delivered weeks ago is not cutting it. 

Why would you arrange a delivery for an item that you don't currently have in stock?

Why did you not contact me on any occasion to let me know what was going on?

So Homebase your service to me has highlighted that you have no sense of urgency or honoring a pre-arranged delivery date. You obviously don't know how to pick up a phone and provide the customer service that is needed. However you are very organised when it comes to debiting the money and not providing the goods.

I am so close to saying forget the order and go elsewhere, but after waiting this long I do want my wardrobe and for this whole pa-lava to be over. One thing is for sure though, I will never order through you again as it has been a awful experience and not something I wish to repeat.

Dissatisfied Customer 


  1. Oh bloody hell I've just ordered a new sofa from Homebase! They initially said it'd be 4 weeks but once we'd paid said 7! I hope we don't have the same palava as you!

    Fingers crossed it turns up soon! X

    1. Hope it has turned up!?
      Our wardrobe finally showed and it was now waiting for a collection and another delivery! arhh!!

  2. I hope you get a satisfactory response! Time is much to precious to waste waiting for something that doesn't arrive, most frustrating!

  3. Argh I have had a hideous time with Homebase too. Ordered my son a bed in their sale - it arrived but had 2 left legs instead of a right & a left. Was promised a replacement in 2 weeks then the day before the delivery was due - phone call saying the bed had been discontinued and we couldn't have it. I shouted a bit, my husband got the drill out and managed to make one left leg into a right (a bit of a botch job but still). Homebase then claimed the bed wasn't discontinued, just out of stock for a while & blah blah blah. It took FOREVER to get them to agree to a goodwill gesture of £30 in vouchers (which I'm still waiting for over 2 weeks later). Would NEVER use them again. grr.

    1. That's awful! They don't seem to have a very satisfactory system in place do they!


  4. OMG That is disgusting! and I hope you get a good explanation. I have had similar experience it is stressful and makes you feel rubbish especially wasting a day at home and usually spoken to like "you have nothing better to do than wait around at home". I would not even consider homebase in future!

    1. Thanks Chrissie,
      Still trying to get it all sorted! x


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