Tuesday 26 February 2013

Room on the Broom

Leo’s just about to turn 20 months old and we are getting to an age now where he is beginning to appreciate films and animation. He already has favourite shows that he loves to watch and favourite characters!

It’s a sure sign that my little man is growing his own tastes and preferences. A sure sign he is growing up into a little boy.

We are big lovers of Julia Donaldson, the author of one of our favourite books The Gruffalo, so when I was asked if Leo and I would like to view the new animation Room on the Broom in the lead up to it’s DVD release on the 18th March, I was very happy to oblige.

Room on the Broom has been adapted from the popular book and brought to life on screen. It is a magical story of a friendly, but very clumsy witch who picks up a great array of different friends that she meets along the way. 

The clumsy witch keeps dropping her belonging’s as she fly’s through the sky, her hairband holding in her long plait, her magic wand and even her very tall hat!

As the witch plummets quickly to the ground on her magical broom in haste to find her missing belongings she comes across each of her new companions, and very soon it is not just the witch and her trusty cat anymore, much to the cat’s dismay! 

As the room on the broom begins to disappear, and the weight begins to pile up it is not long before the broom breaks in two, and the sorry crew discover that they have a ferocious Dragon on their tails!

It is a lovely animation for young children, Leo particularly loved the cat and began meowing at the screen. The run time of 25 minutes is perfect for little ones who are just starting to show an interest and can’t sit through a full feature just yet. 

The animations by Axel Scheffler are fantastic and really add depth and detail to this beautiful story. If you loved the Gruffalo then you and your little one are sure to enjoy this new addition just as much.

Room on the Broom is released on the 18th March and you can pre-order your copy now at Amazon for just £7.49.

You can get more news from the Official Room on the Broom website

Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of Room on the Broom for the purpose of this review, however all views and opinions are completely honest and my own. 


  1. We too are a lover of Julia Donaldson books and are huge fans of The Gruffalo and Gruffalo's Child. Moo was so excited at christmas when this was on TV ! We are constantly watching it thanks to Sky+!

    I cannot wait to see which book is going to be adapted this year! Its becoming a bit of a tradition for her books to be adapted into screen animations.

  2. I missed this at Xmas! I love Julia Donaldson books


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