Monday 25 February 2013

My Favourite Time of The Day...

As soon as the clock shows 16:59 I begin to shut down my computer. It signals the end of the working day.

It’s the start of my favourite time of the day. 

Special time with Leo.

I pick him up from Granny’s and make sure we have blankie in our midst, as there will be no peace without it.

We cook up some food and eat our dinner with Daddy, and then it is bath time before getting ready for bed.

This is the time I love, the time I crave all day every day.

Hair freshly washed all tussled back in a towel dried hair ball. The baby smell rising from his now clean locks, looking almost angelic. But then I realise that the next mission, the biggest of all is upon us. Getting one wriggly, fidgety, arm flailing, leg kicking monster into his nappy and ready for bed.

Suddenly this angelic little boy looks cheeky, and I notice the halo upon his head beginning to slip. He begins to run, he knows Mummy’s plan and he will not be going into the nappy without a fight. 

I lay him down, the nappy already open and I’m ready to work quickly. But he is just too fast, with one swift roll to the left he is up and on his feet. I catch him and try again but this time he rolls to the right, laughing at me as he runs away. I retrieve him and try again only this time he pulls himself forward giving me a loving embrace. He seems to have relented, and allows me to lay him back on the floor. The new found co-operation gives me the time to get him into his pajamas and ready for bed.

With the mission completed and Leo’s halo restored to full brilliance I get his bottle of milk ready, and sit myself down on the sofa. Finally.

Leo lets me know that he want’s blankie, he always has it with his bottle of milk. 

Blankie in one hand and milk in the other.

He snuggles in and gets into his special nook that he always does during this special time together. He lies still and contented as we quieten down for bedtime. 

After the mayhem of working, preparing dinner and finally getting Leo ready for bed, we have our time. Our special time.

A time where it is just Leo and I, where we have nothing to do but sit in the glow of each other and snuggle tight. That is our only job at this time of night.

It is this time I look forward to each and everyday, not because it signals bedtime but because of the quality time we spend together, that he cuddles in unlike any other time of the day.

When bedtime comes at 7pm, he goes off to bed closing his eyes tightly knowing how much he is loved and dreams soundly.


  1. Beautiful post, it's the little moments that make up the BIG moments :) xxx

  2. I totally agree that bedtime and the snuggling/bath time before that is my favourite time of the day as well. Although it is a bit more hectic now there is two of them. x

    1. I love the quiet time together. It is just perfect x


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