Friday 1 February 2013

Birmingham Sea Life Centre

We were given the opportunity to take Leo along to the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham the other weekend courtesy of Ladbrokes. I of course jumped at the chance as I thought Leo was going to love looking at all of the bright fish of all different shapes and sizes bobbing around in their tanks.

We must have tired Leo out over lunch at a near by restaurant, as by the time he had devoured his cheese pizza and munched his chocolate fudge cake, he was ready for a nap. But still we had come to visit the Sea Life Centre and we had foolishly decided that Leo should walk around....

Of course Leo had other plans, he was going to run. From start to finish and if I had not kept up with him he would have blitzed the attraction in no time at all and be coming out of the other end having not seen anything! 

I was disappointed that Leo was more interested in running around rather than looking at the many marine creatures that were on display to him, he did show fleeting signs of interest before zooming off again but there was so much more zooming than studying. I am putting this down to him needing a sleep...But still it would have been really special for him to have a proper look and take it all in.

Having been to the Sea Life Centre before I have been able to take everything in without a larger than life toddler running up and down ramps before becoming fascinated by pretty lights. I have even been able to take in the 3D cinema, even though on this occasion it just wasn't going to happen. 

Leo did seem to love the Jelly Fish that floated around elegantly in the large tube aquarium, they come in so many pretty colours and glow beautifully. Of course it wasn't long before Leo was on the run again...

At the end of the Sea Life Centre before you enter the gift shop, there is a mirror maze. This being Leo's first experience of a mirror maze I have to admit I was anxious and excited all at the same time. Leo wasted no time in charging off and in a matter of moments he had become the first casualty. That's right Leo ran straight into his reflection, taken a tumble backwards and by the look on his face...Was wondering what on earth was going on.

To add extra bewilderment, Leo suddenly started looking from left to right. There were 3 Daddy's in front of him all talking away making sure that he was ok. Leo really didn't know where to look and it soon became apparent that he was more than ready to go home.

Ladbrokes are currently celebrating the launch of their new Octopays game hence the sea life theme! To complete the sea life experience we were also sent a Sea Food Cookery Book and a Blue Planet DVD.

We had a fantastic day out all in all even though Leo was a little monster running here, there and everwhere. We will certainly be taking him back to the Sea Life in the near future and I am hoping that he will take more of an interest in the marine life.

Disclaimer: I was sent vouchers to cover our entrance fee to the Sea Life Centre, a cookery book and Blue Planet DVDs for the purpose of this feature. However all opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

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