Thursday 21 February 2013

Who Said Being a Mummy Isn't Glamorous!?

Who said being a Mummy wasn't glamorous? 

I often find myself neck deep in pooey nappies and on the receiving end of an explosive sneeze.

There are 3 set meals each day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

3 separate occasions for Leo to get food EVERYWHERE. 

That's 3 potential opportunities for a wardrobe change, for both of us. 

That's one big washing mountain.

When toddler's get sick it's messy. Duvets, pillows, absolutely everything needs to go in the wash.

The cuddles the toddler needs during his sickness means that I too have needed a good scrub, not to mention the bathroom floor.

Just the other night as I was cleaning up after another sickness explosion, I pushed the glamorous Mummy act to a whole new level. You could say that I completely waved goodbye to any hold on it at all...

There I was cleaning away, double checking to make sure I had sourced every last bit until I could get the mop upstairs the next day. I was satisfied that I had successfully removed any evidence of the massacre that had taken place and decided to head back downstairs. 

As I was leaving, placing one foot in front of another. I slipped. 

Yes I slipped in the sick that I had completely and utterly missed. 

My feet going from under me, my arms flailing above my head as I took the tumble to the floor, I landed in the sick that I had SOMEHOW missed.

A pile that seemed to be lying in wait for me to slip. 

Waiting for me to think sickness duty was over.

Waiting to get me.

I  quite honestly don't know what hurt more, my pride or my bum.

I sat there with a little black rain cloud dripping on my head, before I somehow saw the humor in what had happened.

It is times like these that you need Irwin Mitchell on your side...

The moral of this sorry tale? 

Always double, double, triple check. 

You never know, it could have been you!

 Who said being a Mummy is not glamorous?

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  1. You are so glamorous, so very beautiful xxx

  2. haha it is so true, nothing but glamour! xx

  3. It is full on glamour with two! Dylan likes to come and rub his face on me when he needs to blow his nose and we all know about newborns and their explosive digestive systems! x

  4. Us mummies are just so rock 'n' roll these days! Wouldn't change it for the world though lol xxx


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